To decorate your home, be inspired by these 12 French, country style projects

by Mark Bennett

July 24, 2023

To decorate your home, be inspired by these 12 French, country style projects

The French country/farmhouse style is more than just a way to decorate: it also encapsulates a philosophy of life that is expressed in the furnishings. This style uses rustic antiques and natural linen and cotton fabrics in shades of white and other neutral colors, accompanied by freshly cut flowers and plants with bright green leaves for contrast.

Additionally the French country style fits in well in most settings - uban, industrial, farm, etc. Wherever your home is, the French country style will always make your guests feel welcome.

We suggest below, 12 projects to take inspiration from:

1. Shabby chic table/dresser

A shabby chic table/dresser can greet your guests at the front door, making them feel welcome right away.


2. Rustic kitchen

A rustic kitchen can be captivating with soft colors, practical easy-to-use handles, large wicker baskets and a sink with a large basin.

3. Attention to detail

Details are what often makes the difference in furnishings and in the French country style, this is especially true: large metal lanterns and colorful vases of freshly-cut flowers will fill your home with taste and elegance.

4. Wrought iron

A wrought iron bed crowned with an old-fashioned decorative carving will be perfect to create a romantic bedroom.

5. Dining room

A prominant and low-slung chandelier above a dining table decked out in a country style.


6. Sliding doors

Sliding doors are perfect for when you want to save space. But they can also beinteresting design objects if chosen for this purpose: choose frameless doors that slide on tracks and perhaps painted to look weathered.

7. Rustic bathroom

Rustic, recycled shelves with large glass jars to hold all the bits and bobs will make your bathroom look elegantly vintage.


8. Fireplace

A rudimentary fireplace is capable of creating a welcoming atmosphere, but the effect will be even greater if you pay attention to details; a surrouding wall with exposed bricks, rustic wooden shelves, vases of fresh flowers - these additional details will contribute to creating an incredibly cosy atmosphere.

9. Modern meets vintage

How about bringing together the modern and the old-fashioned in your kitchen? Integrate modern items into your kitchen (like a dishwasher), perhaps by combining them with antique items.


10. Large vases

Large, weathered earthenware pots that contain large and voluminous plants, neutral colors on the walls and matching curtains: these will make the perfect decoration for your living room.

11. Reading corner

Create a relaxing reading corner with a white wicker armchair decorated with cushions and blankets in shades of blue and yellow.


12. Living room

Large sofas and armchairs in light, neutral colours, a rustic looking coffee table and large display items with white candles and green/floral vases are the perfect French country decor items for your living room.

Are you ready to add a touch of romance to your home?