Service bathrooms: 10 ideas for tastefully furnishing these small spaces

by Mark Bennett

October 02, 2023

Service bathrooms: 10 ideas for tastefully furnishing these small spaces

A service bathroom is the name given to a small space where there is only just enough room for a toilet, a sink, a few basic furnishings and very little else. That said, we can still furnish/decorate these small bathrooms in style.

If this is of interest to you, check out the ideas listed below for inspiration for your service bathroom.


Service bathrooms: small, but delightful

If the master bathroom is the one where we want to have all our accessories to hand, the service bathroom typically only has room for the basics. Most times, a service bathroom only has t toilet and a very small sink.


Sometimes, there is enough space in a service bathroom for a washing machine. Or perhaps it is reserved for guests: in any case, we want this bathroom to be pleasant and pristine.

Since service bathrooms are often long and narrow rooms, you can "enliven" them by using fetching color combinations: using a contrasting color on the back wall, for example, is a great idea.

Accent wall and small furnishings for an impeccably decorated service bathroom

Often the accent wall is the one behind the toilet. At other times, it is the one to which the mirror and the sink are mounted. The distance from the entrance door (or a small window), will determine where the accent wall should be. It is best, of course, that as much light as possible reaches the darker areas of the room.

Light bathrooms with stylish details

This does not mean, however, that a small bathroom cannot be painted all inwhite. Perhaps, instead of simple plastered walls, you can think of using claddings with a more refined texture, such as stylish panelling.

Or you can create a very light chiaro-scuro effect by combining white with other delicate shades (taupe, beige, and similar), metallic fittings and plants or flowers.


Even a gray-scale color scheme can offer modern, elegant and bright bathrooms even if space is limited. And you can always provide a bit of contrast with the floor: whether it's tiles, wood (even wood-effect tiles!), the color combinations are endless!

Be daring with wallpaper in the service bathroom

Perhaps covering the entire bathroom with flashy wallpaper would be too much, but wallpapering only certain areas could have a stunning effect.


And decorating the walls with picture frames, prints and other hanging objects could add the touch of class you're looking for.

A rustic, delicate touch

And if you don't want to experiment with wallpaper or paint, perhaps you can do it with the furnishings: small, rustic-styled pieces of furniture will make your service bathroom a spot to be admired.


Or combine an elegant wallpaper with rustic and/or recycled accessories!

In short, it won't take much effort to make your service bathroom beautiful, don't you think?