Some of our branded sites have social pages where we post content. Social pages are not just showcases for our products and content, but places where our followers can express their opinions, interact with each other and establish connections. Our social pages are public and anyone can follow these pages and leave a comment. Given this, we believe it would be useful to provide guidelines regarding the nature of this social commentary and the behavior we expect from users.

  • There is no specific entity responsible for moderating comments. However, we will endeavor to eliminate any comments that are offensive, defamatory, promote hatred, contain spam or are off-topic, as and when they are reported to us by multiple users.
  • We reserve the right to delete, hide or report as spam comments that appear to us to be inappropriate and contrary to our guidelines.
  • In the event that negative behavior is repeated continuously or is considered particularly egregious, we reserve the right to prevent individual users or groups of users from interacting with our pages.
  • A user who decides to leave a comment should be aware that the comment is personal and that he or she is solely responsible for any consequences, damage or liabilities resulting from doing so.
  • We recommend that you never disclose any personal and sensitive information (addresses, telephone numbers, security pins) in the comments, even if explicitly requested to do so.

We expect users who decide to leave a comment to respect our guidelines, namely:

  • Be respectful and empathetic: there is an empathetic and polite manner to express any concept, even when there is a strong disagreement of opinion. We do not tolerate personal attacks on other users, on the page, on the authors of the content or on the parties who may be mentioned in the content.
  • Contribute to the safety of social pages: although anyone can leave a comment on our social pages, we distance ourselves from any behavior that takes the form of an insult, that expresses hatred, hostility or negativity. Comments of this nature may be deleted and the users responsible may be banned from the page.

We believe in constructive debate between people, even when opinions differ. Additionally, we aim to protect the members of our communities and guarantee them an inclusive, respectful and welcoming place for all.