Don't know how to decorate a little girl's bedroom? These 13 ideas might help you

by Mark Bennett

October 20, 2023

Don't know how to decorate a little girl's bedroom? These 13 ideas might help you

Each room needs to be furnished to meet the occupant's preferences and tastes and doing this can be a challenge. For example, how would you furnish a young girl's bedroom? Have you ever done this?

If you are looking for some ideas for your little girl's bedroom, these 13 ideas could be very useful. Read on to find out more:

1. Dancing butterflies

If your young daughter loves nature, putting butterflies on the walls could be a great idea. And she can keep this decoration even as she grows up.


2. A touch of modernity

Pink is the color that is most used in girls' rooms. But as with everything, there are exceptions and some do not want to be overwhelmed by pink paint and decorations. For this reason, choosing pink for only some items - like the blankets - could be the answer.

3. "Look there's a rainbow"

A rainbox is a truly magical thing. So why not use one as the main element in your daughter's bedroom? There are many objects that can reflect this "rainbowed theme" - it's just a case of sourcing them. The result will be softening and decidely feminine.

4. A touch of "glitter"

Pink, fuchsia and all the other shades of pink will thrill your young daughter. And when you add a bit of glitter, the effect will be stunning.

5. And what about lilac?

Lilac is also very suitable for a girl's room. A blend of varying shades of lilac can be used to decorate your daughter's bedroom beautifully. And remember that small details make all the difference (like a lilac tree in the background).


6. A lovely, understated room

But what if you don't want to use "strong" colors? Well, simply choose white which goes well with everything. You can still create a great-looking room by paying attention to the types of bed, cushions and curtains used to furnish the room.

7. Living in a fairy tale

A bunk bed that resembles a real castle, is a fabulous idea. Your little girl will be the princess in a fairy tale every time she enters her bedroom!


8. Flowers and foliage on the walls and ceiling

A play of flowers and other foliage can add delicacy to the bedroom. If you opt for light-colored furniture, you could create a beautiful contrast.

9. Pastel shades

This decoration leans more towards using very light pastel shades. The pink is almost invisible and blends in well (but retains a femine feel).


10. The life of Barbie

If you want to make your little girl's bedroom feel like she's living in Barbie's world, then opt for this solution. Decor doesn't get more "pinkified" than this.

11. Subtle lighting

If your daughter likes to have soft lighting on during the night, then you could consider a solution like the one shown in the photo above. Subtle back-lighting will create an amazing effect.


12. White and pink

A contrast between these two very delicate colors (and with hearts added) will give the a girl's bedroom a unique and relaxing feel.

13. The sky in a room

You can also consider painting a wall in the bedroom as the sky. The colors can vary from the classics for this type of design (white and blue), or be tinged with pink in areas. Adding a teepee will make it feel much more like being out in nature.

Decorating can be fun, and doing this for your children's rooms is even more so. And we are sure you your daughter will love helping you out, no?