12 enchanting ideas for decorating a balcony in autumn

by Mark Bennett

October 12, 2023

12 enchanting ideas for decorating a balcony in autumn

The subtle charm of autumn is irresistible for many with its slower pace, cooler temperatures and autumnal colors. And the weather is usually still good enough to spend a few hours outside on our balconies and terraces.

These areas can also be decorated seasonally. Check out these ideas for creating an autumnal atmosphere on your balcony.

Balconies in autumn: some ideas for furnishing outdoors

If yu already have a sofa and armchairs on your balcony, you will just need to find some ornamental pumpkins with which to create a small composition on the ground - quick and easy.


Blankets, rugs and pillows on an autumnal balcony

Carpets are rarely used for external balconies. But when we want to furnish them as if they were living rooms, carpets are an element that helps tie everything together and gives a feeling of comfort.

Just like the living room at home, even the armchairs or sofas that we have placed outside can be filled with cushions and blankets. Obviously, you will need to choose fabrics that are better suited to withstanding the elements. Alternatively, consider placing a basket in which you can quickly store these items if the weather turns.

These ideas also work for loggias, porches or outdoor terraces. The idea is to create a comfortable corner close to the house with is easy to reach and relax in before it gets too cold.

Autumnal balconies in sober and chic shades

Compared to the vibrant colors of autumn foliage, more "muted" colors can be used in a chic way - consider using off-whites, beiges and light browns.


Muted colors are a perfect fit for natural fibers and wood, and create a warm, cozy atmosphere.

With care, a small brazier could be deployed to recreate the atmosphere of being in a mountain hut. And to create a custom-made sofa, you could also consider using some pallets.


Ideas for decorating autumn balconies: plants

There are many plants and flowers that give of their best in autumn: chrysanthemums, but also heather, cyclamens and ornamental cabbages, for example. Find the containers best suited to your tastes and arrange them harmoniously on your balcony.

Use pumpkins, candles and lanterns

As mentioned, a few ornamental pumpkins are always an effective way to create an autumnal atmosphere. They can also be artificial and perhaps made of plastic (so they will last even longer).


Candles are also perfect for creating intimate and cozy atmospheres, even outdoors. They can be large ones and placed in special candle holders. But small ones - like tealights or floating candles - can work well.

Match the fabrics to the colors of autumn

Pumpkins can also be the prints that decorate your cushions, displaying this classic symbol for autumn.


For blankets, those with plaid/tartan designs will immediately catapult you into the atmosphere of mountain huts hidden in the woods!

Would you like to decorate your balcony to celebrate the arrival of autumn?