Small apartment? With these space-saving IKEA furnishing products, you can overcome this limitation

by Mark Bennett

October 30, 2023

Small apartment? With these space-saving IKEA furnishing products, you can overcome this limitation

The key word for many families is "savings": when you can get your hands on products of a decent quality cheaply, you can count this as a win. IKEA is now a global synonym for having a good quality-to-price ratio and its products can be found in many homes around the world.

In this article, we want to show you some furniture capable of a wide range of needs - both from an economic point of view and in order to save space: check out the items below!

1. Space-saving table

The use of this table is easy and intuitive: when closed, it is slimline can be used as a practical shelf; when it is opened, it can be used as a regular table!


2. Handy storage cubes

"Classical" furniture, i.e. items that were popular a few decades ago, have the problem of being very large in most cases, some taking up an entire wall. Using these storage cubes, it will be possible to organize the space you have available in a much more economic and intelligent way.

3. A trolley suitable for almost anywhere

This trolley is designed to be used almost anywhere: whether you want to use it in the bathroom or in the kitchen, it makes little difference to its usefulness. In fact, it can store a large number of objects on it while remaining light and compact (thanks to its small diameter).

4. Bed slats as... storage racks!

Bed slats used unconventionally: when hung on a wall and equipped with hooks, you get a structure capable of storing multiple objects!

5. The ultimate bathroom organizer

The bathroom is generally a critical room to furnish properly in small homes: using typical bathroom furniture will hardly be congruent with the limited space available. But there is a solution and you can clearly see this shown in the above picture: assemble storage units by using lots of drawers in a supporting structure.


6. All-in-one bed

Closets and beds are important items to have, but can be very bulky. But you can have the best of both worlds: a storage bed that can act as both a place to rest and to store your clothes (like the one shown here).

7. Retractable desk

Versatility: this is key to this piece of furniture. You can use this foldaway/retractable desk-cum-table however you want: its unique shape will allow you to find a place for it in a small office or kitchen without taking up extra space. When closed, it has several drawers available; when opened, it becomes a working surface: simply brilliant!


8. A wardrobe for... dining on

Similar to the above, here is a large wardrobe with the capacity to accommodate objects of practically every shape and size and which can also turn into a large dining table!

9. Modular geometry

Here's a perfect modular solution: create space where furniture from another time wouldn't have been able to help you. With a modular layout like this, however, you will obtain exceptional, truly incredible results.


10. A delightful cabinet suitable for all needs

A cabinet like this fits in almost anywhere: elegant and functional, you can place it in the living room, in the study and elsewhere: its ability to store various types of objects should not be underestimated.

11. An alternative use of IKEA shelves!

Here, we are dealing with a real design gem: a series of shelves used to frame a sofa and becoming a decorative structure in itself. Aesthetically beautiful, it can still be used for storage.


12. Transform to optimize

The idea of modular furniture is to adapt to environments of all kinds: this is the secret of this design's success. However, with a little ingenuity and skill, it is possible to obtain solutions that not even those who designed the furniture had foreseen!

What do you think of a kitchen island made from IKEA cubes?! The photo above speaks for itself: economical and functional, it will amaze anyone who sees it.

There is furniture for all tastes, it's all about finding that combination that fits perfectly with your needs for space and money. Which solution do you think is best for you?