Fabulous islands for your kitchen made from IKEA products: 12 creative, low-cost projects

by Mark Bennett

October 14, 2023

Fabulous islands for your kitchen made from IKEA products: 12 creative, low-cost projects

A large kitchen with enough space to create a central island is the dream of many of us. Unfortunately, however, the available space or the budget at our disposal might not allow us to have one. But when you are a DIYer, you can easily realize this dream. 

IKEA furniture is often the perfect starting point for creating personalized and original furnishings for our home and can also help us in creating inexpensive central islands for our small kitchens. Imagine the satisfaction in creating wonderful furniture yourself for your kitchen.

If you are looking for a creative and low-cost project to create a central island for your kitchen, be inspired by these 12 projects based on modifying IKEA products.


1. From IKEA Kallax cabinet to small kitchen island

Who said a small kitchen can't have its own island? Simply add a worktop to the top of a 4-compartment Kallax cabinet and your little kitchen island will immediately be ready for use.


2. From IKEA Kallax cabinet to peninsula

If your desire is a peninsula-type worktop, add a lid to a Kallax unit that exceeds it in length and attaches to the wall. With 2 stools, it will be the perfect breakfast peninsula.

3. An island from a Norden unit

The Norden unit from Ikea is another piece of furniture that is perfectly suited to become a kitchen island. If you add a Varden worktop, you will have ample space left in your kitchen.

4. An island for more spacious kitchens

If your kitchen allows for it, combine two Norden units and add two worktops. With four wheels under the feet, you can also easily move your island round.

5. Corner island

Two Kallax units set at right angles to each other will not only become a useful and spacious island, but can also serve as a divider between the two distinct areas of the kitchen (and/or living room).


6. Ikea shelves and stools for a breakfast peninsula

There are several Ikea shelves that lend themselves to this solution. Simply place one against the wall on one side and place a workbench under it. Add some stools and your breakfast peninsula will be complete.

7. Island with drawers

Even a chest of drawers can be transformed into an island with a work surface on top.


8. Display cabinet island

How about an elegant Liatorp display cabinet for your kitchen island instead? Bright and classy, with a matching or contrasting worktop, it will be even more useful.

9. Multifunctional island

Create a multifunctional island that replaces the table in a very small kitchen. By using a chest of drawers as a base, you will increase the space available to store all your utensils and pantry items.


10. Kitchen continuity

A shelf in the right color can easily be transformed into the perfect add-on to your existing kitchen furniture.

11. Stanstorp table

With a few small modifications the IKEA Stanstorp table can become a splendid island for your kitchen.


12. Square island

Two Kallax cabinets joined by a single square worktop will create a beautiful and practical square kitchen island with shelves on both sides. Now, you will have the space to store everything you need.

Are you already measuring your kitchen?