Autumnal inspirations for decorating your bedroom: 13 ideas for creating a cozy refuge

by Mark Bennett

October 09, 2023

Autumnal inspirations for decorating your bedroom: 13 ideas for creating a cozy refuge

Warm and enveloping colors, welcoming atmosphere, the idea of snuggling under the covers in the bedroom, or in the living room, on autumn afternoons and evenings: every season brings with it a particular "mood", a frame of mind - and the "mood" of autumn is truly unique. And autumn may even inspire us to redecorate our homes, including the bedroom.

Take a look at the ideas proposed below, and consider if you will also try out these autumnal themes in your bedroom.

Starting with the bed: an autumn fantasy with blankets and decorations

Sometimes just this is enough: sheets, blankets or pillows in autumnal colours, and a room usually furnished in neutral tones becomes the stage for the season, starting with the bed.

It is easy nowadays to find blankets and sheets with themed patterns for the seasons: there is something for all tastes.


The idea of decorating the headboard with a themed wreath or garland is also very nice. There are hundreds of ideas for creations of this ilk: real or fake leaves, woolen pompoms, figurines, specially created or purchased objects... You can hang up whatever you want!

Soft, warm blankets are a must. As soon as we put one on the bed it already creates the ideal conditions to curl up under covers with a book!

The colors of autumn

The first colors that come to mind are the warmer ones inspired by the autumnal foliage, pumpkins, chestnuts, persimmons and all the fruits that we usually consume in this season. You can't go wrong with these, but it's also true that they should perhaps be used sparingly. In fact, we can use them as a color-chart guideline: we can select a color, and then look for the lightest or darkest, coldest or warmest shades thereof to match our furnishings.

Even experimenting with desaturated tones, you can find a thousand combinations that are very chic and always suitable for autumn!


Or even warm colors that are not too bright: sand, terracotta, and similar... Perfect for a lighter touch.

The decorations and accessories to place in the bedroom to create the perfect autumn vibes

Autumn vibes, an expression that refers to the aesthetics associated with autumn: everything that, together, creates the atmosphere we have in mind. So some decorations with autumn leaves (whether real or fake), is certainly the right choice. Maybe on the wall behind the bed!


It's also a great idea to add a basket for blankets and pillows. It will be very useful when we need to have soft, warm covers to hand.

Even vintage items can be used: trunks, steamers and benches at the foot of the bed are a great idea. With a pile of neatly folded blankets on top, and maybe some appropriately themed objects (like pine cones, for example) to complete it!


You can never enough autumnally themed cushions: a cushion in the shape of a pumpkin, for example, is irresistible!

Be inspired by nature to create a bedroom with an autumnal feel

Candles can also be used to create an autumnal atmosphere: you can find adorable ones in the shape of pumpkins online!


And if you have picture frames or mirrors, you could decorate them with leafy garlands!

An autumnal scenario filled with cushions - and all manufactured in the shape of autumn leaves or other seasonal elements!


Don't forget the scents!

If you like to perfume your home with scented candles, potpourri or other room perfumes, you can find (or make your own!) with woody and spicy aromas. They are perfect for autumn!

Ready to create the perfect autumn-styled bedroom?