Liven up your home's exterior with these 12 furnishing and decorating ideas

by Mark Bennett

July 23, 2023

Liven up your home's exterior with these 12 furnishing and decorating ideas

Whether large or small, an outdoor area is always a luxury and when you are lucky enough to find a home with an outdoor area, you may want to turn it into a proper relaxation and/or entertainment spot.

Furnishing the exterior of the house is almost as important as the interior and, depending on your needs, the space available to you and your tastes, you will find many customization options. We suggest 12 interesting ideas below for setting up an outdoor area.


1. A timeless classic

If you love the classic look, how about a wicker living room outside? The classic wicker armchairs with armrests will immediately make you feel like you were in the living room from when you were a child.


2. Rocking chairs

Is there anything better than a couple of rocking chairs to recreate a romantic and country atmosphere? We can already see you sitting there, sipping on something cool and reading a good book!

3. Eating outdoors

If the space available to you is limited, choose a round, metal table and surround it with wicker chairs: it will be perfect for your outdoor breakfasts.

4. Shabby Chic

The slightly "worn out" look of shabby chic furniture will instantly give your outdoor meals a rustic and vintage feel, making you feel like a kid again.

5. Country air

If you want to recreate a country/farmstead atmosphere, the secret is in the details. Scatter your outdoor area with objects that are linked to the countryside: wooden ladles and utensils on the walls, large wooden wagon wheels and old metal buckets and watering cans in the corners will be perfect for bringing the country into your home.


6. Romantic-rustic

For incurable romantics, the way to go is creative recycling: an old, industrial wooden reel painted white, recycled flower pots and lanterns will do the job very well - even in a very small space.

7. Relaxing outdoors

A wooden swing, some comfortable cushions and a plant to keep you company will create the perfect relaxation area.


8. Alternative planters

An old, miniature cart or buggy or maybe a wheelbarrow that you no longer use (depending on the space you have available), will be perfect for turning into a planter on your rustic-styled porch.

9. Grandparents' house

Recreate the atmosphere of your grandparents' house with dark wood furniture, recycled fruit/wine crates and rustic metal fittings on the walls.


10. The main objective: comfort

A soft and colorful sofa and a couple of tables and chairs with basic lines will be perfect for your relaxing afternoons.

11. Green corner

An old, wooden barrel and a vintage-looking metal watering can be converted into a planter which will be the perfect decoration for a corner of your balcony. A real treat for the eyes.


12. Reception committee

How about welcoming your guests with a decoration made from creatively recycled objects?

Which of these ideas will you try in your outdoor spaces?