Furnish even the smallest bathroom with these 8 space-saving sink cabinet ideas

by Mark Bennett

June 22, 2023

Furnish even the smallest bathroom with these 8 space-saving sink cabinet ideas

Usually, under the bathroom sink, there is a space in which we store our beauty products, towels, cleaning products and more. In some bathrooms, however, you may not have this luxury.

So what can you do if this is the case? Before giving up, think about all the possible solutions. There is always a way to make a bit more room. Check out the 8 space-gaining/saving solutions below:

1. Low, wooden shelves

An excellent space-saving solution consists of using low wooden shelves. Perfect for a small bathroom, they can also be cut to wrap around the sink's base.


2. Metal racks

Lightweight and space-saving, a metal rack unit is just what you need to make the most of the space under your sink.

3. Sink base cover with shelves

If space is really limited and you really don't like the sink's base being visible, a wooden base cover with small shelves is just what you need.

4. Classic wooden cabinet

If you prefer the classic style and/or don't like having your products on view, a wooden cabinet with drawers and doors is the solution for your bathroom.

6. Metal shelves

Lightweight, space-saving and easy to clean. Perfect for those who have very little time to dedicate to home care.


7. Side drawer units

Two small side wooden chests of drawers are a great idea if you want all your products to be put away.

8. Corner furniture

Finally, an excellent solution is to use corner furniture to take advantage of the available space without having to modify anything.

How do you use the space under your sink?