Small entryway: 10 great ideas for furnishing this area in the best possible manner

by Mark Bennett

October 04, 2023

Small entryway: 10 great ideas for furnishing this area in the best possible manner

The entryway/foyer is usually the smallest "room" in the house, where guests enter and pass through to reach the living room or kitchen. When the entryway is very small it is difficult to find practical and functional ways of decorating and furnishing it.

When furnishing a small entryway, however, it is possible to use some simple tips to enhance it. Mirrors, wallpaper, furniture and pictures on the walls will help make the entryway appear larger and more spacious.

Depending on the style you want to adopt, there is a wide range of furnishings, paints and other materials you can choose from for this purpose.

Below, we suggest 10 entryway furnishing ideas to optimize the available space.

1. Everything you need in its proper place

Shelves, hooks, shoe racks and sideboards can be mounted on the walls to take up as little space as possible.


2. Hooks and a bench

If the entrance is small and you don't have much space available, a bench and some hooks will be enough to store your shoes, jackets and bags.

3. Wallpaper

Use wallpaper to add color, personality and depth to your entryway.

4. Make use of the corners

In small entryways it is necessary to use all the space available. Consider ntegrating your furniture into the space within the recesses in the walls and corners using tailor-made solutions that can be pleasant, space-saving and functional.

5. Mirrors to enlarge the space

Use mirrors to make the space in your entryway seem larger: they will reflect the light making the area brighter, larger as well as being useful for checking your makeup before going out.


6. Contiguous flooring

Give the entryway a sense of continuity with other rooms by using the same flooring to give the impression that your entrance is larger. Another useful tip is to not install doors in the entryway (which block light and make the area feel much smaller).

7. Make use of the space under the stairs

If your entryway has stairs to an upper floor, use the space under them to store jackets, coats, shoes and bags.


8. Multifunctional furniture

Even in small entryways, as in all the other rooms of your home, multifunctional furniture is the right solution to satisfy all your needs. A coat rack can easily also be a decorative element, just as a bench can also act as a supporting surface.

9. Custom-made furniture

If the space is very limited, use a narrow side table for your keys, letters, change, etc. And perhaps add a large mirror that captures the light, visually expanding the space.


10. Shelves and hooks

Even limiting the furniture to just shelves and hooks and concentrating on a few simple decorative elements on the walls, can be the right solution when the space available to you in the entrance is really limited.

How did you organize the space in your entryway?