Furnishing a small balcony: 15 wonderful projects to try in your home

by Mark Bennett

October 04, 2023

Furnishing a small balcony: 15 wonderful projects to try in your home

When you live in an apartment in the city, having a large garden is not possible. But the luckiest of us might still have a small balcony or terrace to make use of.

To make the most of this outdoor space, however, it is necessary to furnish it properly in order to make it comfortable, beautiful and functional for our needs. There are several characteristics to take into account when deciding to furnish a balcony or terrace:

  • privacy: consider investing in resources that guarantee your privacy such as shading curtains, hedges and tall or climbing plants;
  • greenery: creating a green space will allow you to have pleasant coolness in summer, as well as making your space more aesthetically pleasing. You can also consider a vertical garden, to have fresh vegetables and aromatic herbs always at your disposal.
  • furniture: especially when your balcony is particularly small in size, the furniture must be tailor-made for your space.

Below, we show you 15 interesting furnishing projects for your small balcony.

1. Soft and romantic relaxation

Create a romantic corner where you can relax comfortably sitting on large cushions. Some candle lanterns, warm blankets and a string of fairy lights will make it a perfect hideaway.


2. Recycled pallets

Use pallets to create a small table and a comfortable sofa, enhanced with soft cushions.

3. Decorative corner on the balcony

Decorate a corner of your balcony with wooden boxes, flower pots and a lantern. Customize the spot according to the season: in the fall, for example, pumpkins will be perfect.

4. Dinner for two

Create a small outdoor dining area for two with a round table, two metal chairs and a string of small Chinese lanterns.

5. Relaxation area on the balcony

Comfortable rattan furniture, potted plants and a row of fairy lights will be the perfect relaxation corner and observation point over the city.


6. Ceiling lights

What about fairy lights hung from the ceiling? They will create a magical atmosphere for your time spent outdoors.

7. Rustic terrace

A simple wooden bench, a rustic decoration made from an old window frame, a wreath, a tree trunk and some pumpkins will transport you to the farmlands.


8. Illuminated creepers

A small table and a planter with a creeper and a string of fairy lights will make your balcony the perfect relaxation spot.

9. Rustic sofa

A rustic sofa will be great for your naps. A shelf with flowering plants on it will complement the environment in a graceful way.


10. Receiving guests with style

A carpet, a small sofa and a hanging armchair will be perfect for receiving your guests in style.

11. Easy to move around

Two simple, soft folding chairs will be very easy to move around. Perfect if you want to make continuous changes to your balcony space.


12. Bench along the perimeter

A bench that runs along the entire perimeter (or at least one side) of your terrace will be a perfect multifunctional piece of furniture: a practical seat but also a support surface for flower pots and lanterns.

13. Flower pots

A simple rope rug and large flower vases will be the perfect way to follow the passing of the seasons.


14. Aperitif on the terrace

A bench with soft cushions and a wicker table will be perfect for an aperitif.

15. Terrace with a view

A metal bench and a small round table will be the perfect veiwing spot over the city from your home.

Which projects do you prefer for your balcony?