The perfect bedroom needs the right closet: 20 modern, wood-based options

by Mark Bennett

October 17, 2023

The perfect bedroom needs the right closet: 20 modern, wood-based options

The bedroom is our refuge, a place that welcomes us in the evening, taking us into the world of dreams and peace. And for this reason it must be comfortable, cozy and suited to our style and personality.

If the bed is a key piece of furniture, the closets are also essential for keeping our outfits neat, tidy and in pristine condition.

Wood is the most popular choice for the material for our closets: natural, solid and long-lasting, wood is perfect for creating highly decorative pieces of furniture like closets. 

If you have to furnish your new bedroom or simply want to rejuvenate your environment, a wooden closet will allow you to do this easily.

Below, we list 20 options you can consider:

1. Glass doors

Adding two glass doors to your wooden closet will give it a unique look and provide more light.


2. Side coat rack

A coat rack with a comfortable bench underneath will make the task of getting dressed in the morning much easier.

3. Japanese doors

You will feel like you are in Japan with these white, lacquered wooden doors.

4. Decorated closet

Wooden slats arranged in a fishbone pattern will make your closet a perfect decorative element.

5. Height and open shelves

Take advantage of the height of your ceiling and experiment with closets in different materials, colors and open shelves if you're looking for originality.


6. Animal handles

Simple lines and neutral colors - along with animal-shaped handles - will be perfect for your kids.

7. Romantic white

Simplicity in white and small contrasting black knobs will help you bring romance into your bedroom.


8. Open closet

What if your closet doesn't have doors? A simple metal frame and low wooden drawers are perfect for minimalist decor.

9. Two doors and a mirror

If space is limited, two doors will be sufficient; sliding doors are space-saving, the mirrored one will also give the impression of more space.


10. Retro closet

Four stylised feet will give your lacquered closet a retro look.

11. Staggered handles

Simple with contrasting colored handles and arranged asymmetrically will be the perfect furnishing if you want minimalist-styled furnishings.


12. A closet for little princesses

A delicate pastel pink shade will be perfect for your little princess. Leave an empty space under the closet doors: you can fill it with toy baskets.

13. A closet with a vintage look

White doors with vintage-styled decorations will be perfect if you love the past. Dedicate a space as your study area with a desk.


14. Patterned closet

Geometric patterns will add life to your closet and the bedroom.

15. Contrasting, sliding doors

A contrasting sliding door that overlaps with the chest of drawers will be an interesting way to decorate your bedroom.


16. Joy of multicolored polka dots

Simplicity in white and multicolored polka dots will give your children's bedroom a cheerful look.

17. Rattan inserts

Rattan inserts for the doors are quietly elegant.

18. Lacquered doors and wooden handles

Mix modern with vintage using white lacquered doors decorated with oblique slats and wooden handles.

19. Ultra-modern closet

All-glass doors and internal lighting will give you an ultra-modern closet.

20. Arched closet

What if, in addition to the color and materials, you also played with shapes? An arched closeet will make the edges of your bedroom look softer.

Which closet do you prefer?