Children's rooms: furnish and decorate them wonderfully with one (or more) of these 20 proposals

by Mark Bennett

November 08, 2023

Children's rooms: furnish and decorate them wonderfully with one (or more) of these 20 proposals

When it comes to furnishing the children's room, we may be faced with doubt: will bright colors or delicate neutral tones on the walls be better? Drawings and stickers or blank walls? And will the bed be a a bunk bed (in anticipation of the arrival of other siblings or friends overnighting), or will a simple mattress placed on a low frame be preferable?

Every child is unique and it would be best to listen to our children when we decide how to furnish their rooms. Their tastes can guide us and ensure they fall in love with their room.

Depending on the nature and character of your child, then, your decoration and furnishing choices should take this into account.

If you are in doubt about the best way to furnish your children's room, we suggest 20 amazing projects below:


1. For him and her

When the room is shared, it can be difficult to pick a theme. So, what if each child has their own part of the room, furnished and decorated according to their tastes?


2. Reading corner

A curtain mounted to the ceiling directly above a chest of books will give the intellectuals of tomorrow a safe and protected space in which to dedicate themselves to reading their favorite stories.

3. Like being on a boat

Your children will feel like they are sailing far away with a room furnished with suspended beds like these and soft cushions for their daytime rest, reading and games.

4. Loft bed

By putting in a mezzanine floor for your children's bed, you can create a small space where your kids will feel safe and secure.

5. Superheroes

What if your children's room became the headquarters for their favorite superheroes?


6. A relaxation circle

An unusual piece of furniture, like the pictured circle covered with soft cushions, will be perfect for the kids to relax in.

7. A jungle gym

Jungle animals will watch over your children while they exercise if you decorate the walls with an exotic landscape and put in a small gym for them.


8. For the romantics

A sofa bed with soft cushions, a bookcase as a headboard and floral prints on the walls will be the perfect refuge for little romantics.

9. Sharing

Who said that children with large age differences between them can't share spaces? Just delineate them using a book stand that will also act as a room divider.


10. Bright colors

For children full of vitality, the ideal room will be tinged with bright colors on the walls and floor.

11. A children's room in the woods

Your children will feel like they are really in the woods with a cave and trees in their room.


12. The English countryside

This bedroom is reminiscent of the English countryside with its floral decorations on the walls and furnishing accessories sporting wooden slats.

13. A space-age children's room

If your children's passion is space, why not turn a wall of their bedroom into a blackboard on which to draw the solar system?


14. A room for sailors

And if their passion is the sea, make them feel at home with a seascape mural.

15. The jungle room

Your kids will love this jungle-themed room, decorated as shown in the picture.


16. A prince's room...

Quality fabrics, elegant shades of blue on the walls and refined furnishings will create the perfect room for little princes.

17. ...and one little princesses

Delicate shades of pink on the walls, a canopy with soft pink curtains and even the shag carpet - fit for a real princess.

18. Romantic moon

How about a starry sky and a large, romantic moon on the walls? The canopy and light, matching curtains will complete the look.

19. Between brothers

The bunk bed will be perfect for two brothers sharing the same room.

20. The pirate room

Let your kids set sail on a thousand adventures at sea with a pirate ship loaded down with pillows.

And you, how did you furnish your children's rooms?