Small bedroom: 9 solutions to make more room

by Mark Bennett

July 13, 2023

Small bedroom: 9 solutions to make more room

Living in increasingly smaller houses, especially for those who live in the city: this is a trend that has been going on for years, and which makes space-management difficult. It is often nigh-on impossible to find enough space in today's modern, cramped housing .

You might have to give up having certain things, but there is hope: with a little ingenuity, you can find more room in your "matchbox-sized" home. Check out the ideas below:

Multifunctional headboard

Usually, a bed dominates the center of the bedroom, and the space around it must be used intelligently: but how often is space behind the bed wasted? Instead of a headboard, you could consider using shelves or even a bookcase! 


A desk instead of bedside table

If you will be working or studying in the bedroom, you will need a desk. But you don't always have space for both a desk and a bedside table! The solution? Turn your desk into a bedside table!

Bookcase used as a bedside table

Consider using a bookcase in this manner: the flat surface as a nightstand shelf, shelves above this for books and doors below for everything else that needs to be stored. Another 2-in-1 combination to consider!

Ceiling and hanging solutions

The upper areas of walls is often not used properly: bars can be put up to be used as coat hangers, even if they are suspended above a piece of furniture, such as a chest of drawers or a shoe rack. And also shelves placed near the ceiling will also help a lot.

The foot of the bed

At the foot of the bed, if there is usually space for a storage chest, a small bookcase, or a narrow table. You can even use this configuration to put your TV on.


Suspended shelves

Wherever there is a free wall, try putting up suspended shelves onto which you can put decorative items, for example.

The positioning of the bed

Some rooms seem so long and narrow that perhaps only a single or bunk bed fits. But sometimes, the width is just enough to put in a double bed sideways, so many decide to put it  under the window, and keep the part near the door freer.


Bunk beds

Popular in children's bedrooms, and actually useful also for adults' bedrooms, using the space under a bunk bed can be a life-saver.

Optical illusions with colors

To make rooms that aren't really big seem more spacious, you need to cleverly distribute the colors on the walls, ceiling and floor. Sometimes coloring only two walls darker and the others very light goes a long way. Sometimes using the ceiling color even on the higher portion of the walls makes it appear taller, and then there are the accent walls and such. Study a little and you will find that the rooms can become anything but oppressive!