15 beautiful and unique decorations made by recycling wood

by Mark Bennett

November 01, 2023

15 beautiful and unique decorations made by recycling wood

It is a fact that natural wood has an almost irresistible charm and beauty. And if you are thinking of furnishing or decorating your home with items made of wood, then this article is for you!

Listed below, are 15 projects you can consider undertaking using wood: logs, branches and even tree stumps can be used. Ready to take a look?

1. Cube-shaped display support

Small symmetrically positioned solid wooden cubes can form mini-shelves where you can place your ornaments. Beautiful in themselves, these wooden plinths can be used to proudly display your precious ornament (or even act as flower pot stands)!


2. An eco-friendly toothbrush holder

This is and ingenious idea: using a branch off-cut, some holes were drilled in it just deep enough to allow toothbrushes to be placed inside. Now you have a toothbrush holder that is practical and pleasing to the eye.

3. Bright wall decorations!

This photo shows some stunning artworks: wooden frames that enclose...even more wood! Real tree branches are displayed in the frame, adorned with small (fairy) lights capable of creating a soft, peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.

4. A tangle of ideas

A diffent perspective on a ladder! Take an old wooden ladder, place some twigs on it and add the lights (if you want, you can ribbons or other decorations too). Secure the decked-out ladder to the ceiling and you have a magical chandelier.

5. Rustically-styled chandelier

Another project for those who want a truly unique chandelier is to attach a wooden plank/board to the ceiling without too adding too many frills: keep it simple and spartan. Glass jars can be used as transparent lampshades. Simple, be creating an incredible visual effect.


6. An all-natural picture frame

An easy project, but no less cute, is the picture frame shown in this image. This frame is made up of a number of small-diameter wood branch off-cuts, glued into a rectanglar shape.

7. A "floating" object holder

Recyle three small square wooden boxes (of different sizes), place them one on top of the other in any order you prefer (in this case, it was largest to smallest) and secure them equidistant apart using four ropes. Now hang the top end of the rope (as shown in the photo) to a hook secured to the ceiling: now you have an object holder "suspended" in the air!


8. A truly unique bedside table

Using the same technique as shown above, here we have a bedside table consisting of only one surface. Two hooks securely fixed to the wall are all you basically need to get a handy bedside table.

9. An all-natural array of shelves

Perhaps you need a display area/extra storage: these shelves made from tree stumps could be for you. Perfect for showing off your prize plants, for example!


10. Here's how to furnish your porch with love

Lots of small wood logs/branches become a type of mini-woodpile - so what's so special about this? Well, you can form the pile into the shape of a heart and secure it to a wall on the porch! If nothing else, this object will certainly attract looks.

11. A wonderful wall lamp

This lamp is truly beautiful and was made using very few elements: a wooden board to be secured to the wall, a thick rope to "hide the wire" and a light bulb. Everyone will admire your DIY skills!


12. Logs and corks for... a unique coffee table!

This is an enchanting object that is impossible not to admire: it is elegant, visually striking and with a unique design. What is most surprising is that it is so easy to make. And the result speaks for itself.

13. An eye-catching mirror

How much time do you spend in front of the mirror? In this case, you'll be looking at the mirror frame rather than your face! This frame is made completely made from rondels cut from branches and small logs. This mirror will amaze your guests whenever they use the facilities.


14. Wall shelves with a simple and elegant design

Here is an example of an artistic object that combines beauty and practicality -  wooden brackets acting as shelves and mounted obliquely on the wall: books, CDs, or anything else that will fit (and stay balanced) can be put in/on them.

15. An object from times gone by: an old-fashioned lantern!

This lantern pays homage to times gone by. A candle placed inside completes the charm and functionality of this beautiful, ancient form of lighting.