Is white your favorite color at home? If so, these 15 ideas are for you

by Mark Bennett

October 05, 2023

Is white your favorite color at home? If so, these 15 ideas are for you

Furnishing your home can be a lot of fun, especially if you buy a new house and have to start from scratch. The difficult thing is being able to create the right combinations between furniture, ornaments and other furnishing accessories, all based on your chosen style. Colors used are not to be underestimated here and clashes need to be avoided. But there is a color that fits in well with everything. What color are we talking about? Well, it's white, of course!

The way in which white combines with other colors, its neutrality, and its ability to reflect light in a unique way make it the perfect color to give a touch of elegance to your home. Check out the ideas below:

1. Candles and dried flowers

If you like scented candles and the shabby-chic style at home, this idea is for you. The white contrasts with the color of the candle flames and gives off the elegant look we were looking for.


2. Study corner at home: how to enhance it?

If you work from home and need a work/study corner, then consider putting up some shelves - perhaps in white - so as to give light and liveliness to a spot that could be, at times, far too serious.

3. Touch of white in the bathroom? For sure!

Just paint white the shelves of a cabinet on which you place everyday objects to add the chic detailing you were looking for.

4. Photo lovers... check out this idea!

If photography is your passion, this solution could be for you. A wall completely dedicated to photos will make your room look very special. And do you want it to be even more charming? Then chose black and white. This is a furnishing accessory that many will envy.

5. Where did I put my keys?

A wall-mounted key-holder is what you need. Whatever the dominant color in your home, it doesn't matter: choose white and it's done. What a delight!


6. How about everything being white?

If you like light, illumination and relaxing environments, this idea is what you need. All-white lamps, in particular, give a special grandeur to the room in which they are used.

7. A floral touch...

Do you like plants and flowers and can't live without having them in your home? Flowers are beautiful and decorate our homes easily. But if we want even more elegance, choosing flowers with white petals could be the answer. Isn't this a wonderful effect?


8. Bedroom: how to decorate it in an original way?

Here's the solution! If you don't want to furnish your bedroom in a "classic" way, consider a solution like the one shown in the photo. White, empty picture frames are ideal for giving a feel of spaciousness and, if we want, for giving free rein to our imagination. What would you like to put inside them if you could?

9. You need a shelf... choose a white one.

9. You need a shelf... choose a white one.


Shelves are very useful in the home and adapt to any environment. Taking an asymmetrical and white shelf - perhaps mounted to a differently-colored wall - will create a unique contrast and make the space unique.


10. White works well in the bathroom...

Even just the choice of white towels "displayed" in wicker baskets can help us stylish furnish our bathroooms.

11. White details on a colored background guarantees a wonderful effect

If you like colors and have no intention of giving them up in your decor - but at the same time want some white decorations/furnishings - then why not focus on getting some completely white cushions? Or you can choose some furniture to complete the furnishings of the living room: for example, a coffee table that is completely white to provide contrast and light.


12. Never, ever give up the fireplace!

If you believe - as many do - that a fireplace in your home is an asset, then why not get a faux one if you can't have a real one. Completely realistic, thanks to the skilful use of lights, it will meet your fireplace needs. If the structure and the details around the fireplace are white and contrast with the inside of the fireplace, everything will be even more beautiful.

13. Do you need a container? Chose a white one.

If you need a container to store various objects in, using a basket or fruit crate - perhaps decorated/painted in the shabby-chic style and preferably in white.


14. Even a completely white kitchen can work well...

White looks great in all rooms, and even the kitchen can be enhanced by using this color. Furnishing it completely in white will give you the opportunity to play with color contrasts by using the foods you chose to prepare/serve.

15. White in the most "practical" areas

If you have a space at home where you put your printer, documents and other "office" objects, you don't necessarily have to give up on elegance. Also, you can opt to buy a white printer and other ancillary items in white.

So, what do you think of white as a color to include in your decor?