Renewing the look of a door can be done simply and cheaply

by Mark Bennett

May 16, 2024


Perhaps you really like the way a room looks, but you feel something, some finishing touch, is still missing? Well, perhaps it's the door! Sometimes, all you need to do is to change the look of the door to transform or revive the atmosphere in a room! So, how can this be done without replacing the door/s entirely? Let's check out some great ideas below:

1. A coat of paint


Perhaps you chose, in the past, a neutrally-colored door (which you now find boring). Or, you went with a fad that no longer suits your tastes. Well, the answer is to repaint the door. OK, so take off the door, prep its surface and then start applying the new paint you've chosen. The result will certainly be refreshing!


2. Stencils

Repainting doesn't necessarily mean the entire door: it might be enough just to add some subtle, low-contrast details. If you don't know how to draw and paint freehand, get yourself some stencils to paint decorations on the door.

You can even make your own stencils with card or paper - perfect for those who love DIYing!

3. Decals


Do you want to make a change that you can undo in the future, if necessary? Well, then the answer is to use decals you can apply to the surfaces of the door, transforming it a veritable work of art! And when you get bored of this, removing the decal is a piece of cake!

4. Add moldings


Is the door flat, one-dimensional and lacking character? If you add moldings (aka trimmings), you can completely change this. Simply buy moldings you like, or create your own by cutting up plywood or using three-dimensional adhesive tapes made specifically for this purpose!

5. Change the handles


Even door handles can get boring over time, but changing them is easy (especially for internal doors). Whether you find them online or in shops, fitting new handles can a bland-looking door a new, vibrant "personality".

So, as you can see, it's easy to improve your home just by upgrading your doors!