"Core 4" is the highly effective home-organizing methodology endorsed by experts

by Mark Bennett

May 17, 2024


A tidy, well-organized home requires constant work, but sometimes you have to "start from scratch". This normally means "decluttering", ie. getting rid of the superfluous and properly ordering/organizing the home. According to experts, decluttering consists of 4 fundamental steps, also known as the "Core 4" methodology. Read on to find out more:

1. Remove absolutely everything


If you decide to declutter a room, there must be no half measures or short cuts taken. Even if you are sure about what to keep, empty out every drawer and clear off every shelf.

To facilitate this chore, place a clean sheet on the ground on which to stack everything. At this stage, don't worry about what you're going to keep and what you're going to get rid of.


2. Divide by category


Now, can focus on the the mass of objects one the sheet (see above) and decide what to get rid of (and how to group/categorize the "survivors"). To do this, you need to have a number of boxes or containers to hand to manage this sorting process.

Group/categorize your things by frequency of use, by size or by weight or by whatever criteria you deem important. Label your containers/piles as you go along so you can keep track of what each stack represents.

3. Getting rid of the superfluous


Deciding what is superfluous is a subjective matter: for some, superfluous means "whatever I never use and so, no longer need", or "something that is broken that no longer works". But for others, sentimental value, or decorative beauty are much more important selection criteria.

Ask yourself what you want to keep and what you want to donate or sell. You will probably find a number of things you never even knew you had and/or that no longer suit your tastes - all these things can go!

Make sure you have a box at the ready for all the items you will either throw away, donate or sell.

4. Put everything you're keeping back, but in an orderly manner


Once you've done all the above chores, it is time to put the things you're keeping back in the proper places. With all your closets and drawers open and empty in front of you, you can reassess the potential of reorganizing your room. For example, you may consider the furniture around to make room for new pieces (or for plants or other new decoration/useful objects).

It's important to put your items back in their places in an orderly manner. To this end, use boxes, tubs, baskets and other containers you like to save space and facilitate easy access to your possessions. Use labels to clearly indicate what's in each container (if they are not transparent).

At the end of the day, it's worth dedicating a day or two to sorting out your home in this way to make it more pleasant to live in, no?