Empty walls in the kitchen: banish boring surfaces with these 10 eye-catching decorations

by Mark Bennett

April 15, 2024

decorations for empty walls in the kitchen

A quandary in the kitchen: you have deployed all the appliances, cabinets and work surfaces you need. Now, you have no room left for anything else, but some walls are empty and boring-looking. This obviously creates a visual imbalance and is a waste of (vertical) space. With this in mind, here are some creative ideas on how you can tastefully decorate your kitchen:

1. Cutting board art

cutting board collection displayed on a wall


Wooden cutting boards beautiful objects in themselves - especially if they have unique shapes, qualtity workmanship and are made from different types of wood. Sometimes, we buy cutting boards because they are beautiful, but then don't end up using them (for fear of ruining them). If this is the case for you, you can use these cutting boards to create works of art on a wall.


2. Display your ceramics

ceramic dishes on a white wall


Ceramic bowls and plates - be they gifts, souveniers from your travels or pieces from a mismatched dining service - can all be used to create beautiful decorations on an empty wall.

3. Old cooking utensils of all kinds - such as baking molds, for example

baking molds mounted on a wall

Joanne Pio via freutcake.com

Here's an idea to recycle old kitchen utensils as wall artwork: ladles, coasters, coffee pots and even baking molds and trays will work well for this. This idea was used in a famous Pasadena bakery/pastry shop, Bittersweet Treats.

4. All-natural fiber baskets

straw baskets on a wall


The kitchen is where the use of all-natural materials and the rustic style are most suited. So, your wall "art gallery" can also be created using items (coasters, baskets trays) made of wicker, straw, rattan and similar all-natural materials.

5. A giant scroll

roll of paper mounted on a wall


An alternative to the classic chalk blackboard, a roll of blank paper on which to scribble your notes down is very useful, and is very decorative. Shopping lists, recipe notes and even messages for our loved ones can be scribbled down here with ease!


6. Extra-large blackboard

a kitchen wall painted with blackboard paint


If you prefer the fixed surface of a classic blackboard, then you can paint an entire wall with a good-quality blackboard surface paint.

7. Fashionable cladding

accent wall with wooden slats


No decent artwork to put on an empty wall? Well, why not clad a portion of the wall with something beautiful? You can use wallpaper or some super-trendy wooden slats, which are currently very popular.


8. A space for proper artwork!

framed paintings on a wall


We mentioned "art galleries" already, but what's stopping you from actually creating one in the kitchen (albeit on a smaller scale)?

You can put up framed paintings/pictures, prints, posters (even those in fabric!), your own photos, drawings of all kinds, postcards, and much more... Let your imagination run wild!

9. You can't go wrong with plants

pots of aromatic plants hanging on a wall


If the wall in question gets enough natural light for plants to survive, it could be the ideal spot for aromatic plants (or any other plants) that can comfortably fit into flower pots mounted to the wall.


10. All the cups

wooden display stand with ceramic cups


Get a cabinet with multiple, identically-sized slots and fill it with all the decorative, ceramic cups you have: iuseful and wonderfully decorative!

Which of the above ideas would you choose?