Decorate with pumpkins, of course - but in an original and stylish way: 16 proposals to draw inspiration from

by Mark Bennett

October 13, 2023

Decorate with pumpkins, of course - but in an original and stylish way: 16 proposals to draw inspiration from

The "queens of autumn", pumpkins are iconic seasonal decorations: there are artificial ones, DIY ones and obviously, real ones. And all of these are fun to decorate in an unusual way. In fact, there are many ways to create a haunted Halloween pumpkin - and not all of them need to be sinister.

So, dig out your paint brushes, power drills and rivets/studs. To what end? Well, take a look at the ideas below for some inspiration:

Decorate a pumpkin with a drill

When we talk about carved pumpkins we always think of the haunted and scary ones for Halloween. A classic, sure, but why not create a non-sinister pumpkin lantern? All you need to do is scoop out the pulp and then use a drill to do job quickly.


This way, you can create any pattern you want, alternating drill bit sizes to produce a fantastic pumpkin lantern.

If you use different tools, such as certain kitchen cookie cutters, you can create holes of any type in the pumpkin - even in the shape of kittens, bats, hearts and whatever else you want!

Painted pumpkins for all tastes

A little scary, but still cute: you can paint Halloween symbols on a pumpkin without having to carveit. It's easier and they're beautiful even during the day. How about a cluster of adorable ghosts?

Do you want to change the look of a pumpkin dramatically? First, paint a base color that matches your furniture, and then trace patterns onto however you like!


Even gold paint look good on a pumpkin, whatever the background. And of course, paint on artificial pumpkins will last many seasons!

A black and white combination is also very elegant, even with basic decorative motifs such as lines and polka dots providing a stunning effect.


And if you like floral patterns, no problem: paint on all the flowers you want!

Embossed decorations on pumpkins

Try embossing to decorate a pumpkin to get a three-dimensional feel. For example, with simple pins and wool thread, you can create raised patterns - perhaps even a spider web or the face of the classic Jack O' Lantern!


How about decorating with metal studs or rivets? A punk look for pumpkins will certainly be eye-catching!

You can have fun creating linear or abstract decorations using studs, rivets or anything similar!


Even faux pearls or gems will look good. A popular idea is to arrange them around the stem and cascade them like dew drops in the furrows!

Flowery pumpkin

When you love autumn, but also the romance of spring... mix pumpkins with flowers (and petals)! You can stick to the surface of the pumpkin or even turn it into a planter!


Creating decorative compositions by wrapping the pumpkin with branches or leaves is also a simple but very effective idea.

Pumpkins that look like something else

Combine all the above techniques and make a pumpkin look completely different. For example, here's a pumpkin that's been turned an owl!


And you can even transform a pumpkin into a deer straight out of a fairytale!

Which of these ideas will you try out?