11 wonderful ideas to make your bedroom look unique by using one-of-a-kind headboards

by Mark Bennett

May 19, 2024


The headboard of the bed greatly influences the appearance of one's bedroom. And the style a headboard can come in ranges from the eclectic to basic, functional minimalism. With this in mind, how about checking out some headboard types and styles that you might consider for your bedroom?

1. No headboard, just drawings!


Let's say there's no space for a headboard (that you like simple things) but you still want to decorate the wall behind your bed. Well, why not draw something on the wall? You could draw a stylised headboard, cartoons, a window (as shown here) and much, much more... What would you draw?


2. A soft carpet


Carpets are for use only on floors, right? Well, nothing stops you using one as a tapestry on the wall behind your bed! And you could even extend it to the ceiling, creating a sort of canopy effect.

3. Macramé mania


Macramé is back in fashion, so a macramed piece could be mounted to the wall behind your bed (or held in a frame creating a "proper" headboard).

4. A recycled privacy screen


Not everyone will be able to get their hands on a vintage privacy screen. But if you do, it could make a splendid headboard, don't you think?

5. Old doors


Another idea for creative recycling that is to use old, wooden doors. These will look great as headboards, especially when combined with other rustic elements (like old window frames, for example).


6. Antique doors


If, however, you stumble across some truly antique doors (like the ones shown here), these could make for an even more splendid headboard.

7. Natural wood


Of all natural materials, wood has always held pride of place. And how could you not admire the wooden headboard pictured here which was cut, au natural, from a tree trunk?


8. Recycled wooden planks


For a more rustic, warmer feel, you can DIY yourself a wooden headboard using recycled planks (like those you'd get from a wooden pallet). 

9. Bamboo


Do you want a more "beachy" atmosphere, like being in a bungalow by the sea? Well, you could clad the wall behind the bed with bamboo!


10. Pieces of old furniture


Antique furniture has a unique charm, and recycling these gems (or parts of them) into a stunning headboard, is a winning idea.

11. A soft cushion


Creative and comfortable: a large, colored cushion mounted on the wall behind the bed will ensure you always have sweet dreams (we hope!).

Which of these ideas do you like best?