10 simple trellis projects for all your climbing plants

by Mark Bennett

June 03, 2023

10 simple trellis projects for all your climbing plants

There are many climbing plants that we can grow in our garden: from the splendid, climbing roses to the majestic wisteria, but also vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers or peas. And it is important that these plants have trellises (or similar support) to cling on to.

There are many objects that can help us provide these supports: arches, gates, fences or privacy screens are all perfect for climbing plants.

Whatever your choice, there are numerous simple and cheap alternatives, which you can make yourself. Below, we list 10 of these:

1. Classic vegetable garden trellis

For our veggie garden, the classic method used for climbing vegetables is to plant sticks equidistantly and join them up with cord or twine. Practical and quick to make, it will be a perfect structure for your veggies.


2. Wall trellis

For jasmine that you grow next to the front door (for example), a wall-mounted trellis is ideal. Make it simply by joining horizontally arranged branches with cord or twine. This will give you a sort of a ladder to hang up using a single nail. And your jasmine will thank you.

3. Vegetable arch

How about a vegetable arch to shade the pathways in your garden? It will allow you to take advantage of vertical space, as well as creating a truly beautiful scene. This arch is very simple to make using wire mesh.

4. Wire pot trellis

If you grow your plants in pots - perhaps on a balcony or terrace - you can build the trellis directly in the pot. Simply wrap it with a high piece of wire mesh.

5. Pyramid trellis

Build a trellis like you're building a Indian teepee or Egyptian pyramid: poles driven into the ground obliquely and tied together at apex, ropes running all the way around the structure from top to base. This trellis will protect your plants and give them solid support.


6. Romantic arch

Is there anything more romantic than a driveway bordered by an arch adorned with our favorite flowers? You can choose your favorite model from available in shops or make it yourself using wood or iron.

7. Wall arch

Speaking of romance, even your front door can be embellished using a romantic, flowery arch. Choose a model that hangs on the wall, directly above the door.


8. Pot trellis

Two pairs of bamboo canes with a wooden grid over the top are perfect for climbing plants in pots or vases.

9. Mountain trellis

This trellis made from two wooden frames and some rope is child's play to put together.


10. Pergola

How about creating a shaded area in your garden by using a pergola? Perfect for a climbing wisteria!

Have you chosen your trellis yet?