Furnishing the home with pallets: check out these great project proposals

by Mark Bennett

June 03, 2024


Pallets are a fantastic resource for a myriad of DIY furniture/furnishing projects; you can make something for almost every room in your home with a pallet (or two). Obviously, for some projects, you will need pallets in excellent condition (and even these will still need sanding and varnishing/sealing) to look stunning/refined when your project is finished! Let's check out some pallet projects you can tackle:

1. Coffee table


Do you need a coffee table in your living room? You can easily create one with just one or two pallets. This type of coffee table will also give you a few handy shelves too (as shown here).


2. DIY sofas

Lυciαиα мdυαятє/Pinterest

A sofa "makes" a living room: but be it the living room, a corner of the home office, in the attic or the basement, a sofa made from pallets (and customized to your tastes) can be a real asset in your home.

3. Balcony seating


Seating made from pallets - along with some comfy cushions - will make your balcony much more welcoming and cozy.

4. Bed frames


Bed frames made from pallets will give you a sturdy, robust piece of functional furniture which will last for ages. And the spaces between the pallets will give you valuable storage space too!

5. Add some lights


Or, instead of storing objects in/under a pallet bed frame, put some lights in the cavities to create a unique, amazing look for your bedroom!


6. A "floating" bed


How about suspending a pallet bed frame from the ceiling? If the ceiling is strong enough to take the weight, this "floating bed" project will be easy to carry out.

7. A rustic mirror

déco bois/Pinterst

Would a rustically-styled mirror look good in your bathroom? With pallet planks, you can easily frame a mirror to give it this look and feel.


8. Sofa bed

Emanuele Dalpra/Pinterest

A colorful sofa bed - like the one shown here - will be perfect in the kid's bedroom!

9. Customized side tables

My Sweet Things | DIY, Crafts & More/Pinterest

At the entryway, in a corridor or in narrow spaces, having a small side table can make all the difference: space-saving, functional and decorative - an all-in-one solution!


10. A shoe rack-bench combo

One of One Merchantile/Pinterest

Here's an example of a shoe rack-bench combo that can be made using pallets: now, you can sit down comfortably to put on/take off your shoes in the entryway to your home!

Would you consider taking on one of these pallet projects for your home?