Space-saving strategies and accessories to optimize the use of your drawers and keep your home neat and tidy

by Mark Bennett

June 26, 2024

Perfectly tidy bathroom drawers



Always knowing exactly where to go to look for what you need - and then finding it there - is just a dream for most of us. Indeed, keeping all our stuff neat and tidy in the drawers around the home might seem to be an impossible goal.

But by adopting the correct strategies and using the right accessories, you can solve this problem - read on to find out more:

1. Regular cleaning

Tidying up a drawer

aimee rivers/flickr

The first thing to do to keep your drawers organized, is to establish a regular cleaning/tidying up routine. This will allow you to sanitize your drawers and get rid of any items that are broken or unused. A regular cleaning/tidying up routine is especially important in humid settings where germs and mold can proliferate (such as the bathroom or the kitchen).


2. Organizers, dividers and containers

Enlisting the help of organizers, dividers and containers for your drawers is another effective strategy that will ensure they stay neat and tidy for longer. Organizers will help you divide up your drawers to keep "categories" of items separated (such as socks, underwear, kitchen utensils and stationery).

Containers, on the other hand, can be very useful for storing smaller items: cutlery containers are a good example, but you can use containers in the bathroom drawers for your hair clips, make-up sponges, cotton swabs, make-up remover pads and much more. Even a desk can be kept tidier with the help of containers to keep the stationery used neat and tidy.

3. Method and organization


The last way to sort out your drawers consists in adopting a practical organizational method, based on actual use. If you rearrange your possessions so that you always have the ones you use most frequently readily to hand, it will be less necessary for you to go rummaging through all the drawers looking for what you need.

Use this method in every room of your home and you will see that your drawers will stay tidier for longer:

  • In the kitchen, keep the cutlery and utensils you use every day in the top drawer; put the accessories you use less frequently (such as graters, cutting boards, strainers, can openers, potato peelers, etc), in the bottom drawer.
  • In the bathroom, the most accessible drawer should be used for the accessories you use every day (which may vary depending on your habits). Keep your make-up accessories, cotton buds, rubber bands and hairbrushes near to hand; in the lower drawers, you can store curlers, your hairdryer/hair iron, absorbent pads, spare towels and so on;
  • In the bedroom, keep everything you use most frequently (such as underwear, accessories or jewelery) in the most accessible drawers; use the less accessible drawers for clothing you wear infrequently;
  • For stationery and all other accessories you use, think about your habits. Keep everything you use frequently within easy reach (for example, PCs, pens, pencils, erasers, chargers); place everything else in the less accessible drawers.

How do you keep your drawers neat and tidy?