10 ideas on how to create colorful, captivating, summertime table centerpieces

by Mark Bennett

July 06, 2024


Decorative table centerpieces become even more popular when the weather improves, taking advantage of the summertime colors, blooming flowers and seasonal fruit (and even vegetables!). Let's check out some ideas for centerpieces which can grace your dining table during this season.

1. A triumph of lemons

Video tutorial via @jossandmain/Instagram

There is nothing that signals summer like bright, yellow lemons, so placing a bunch in a ceramic bowl, can be a stunning display. Once placed, decorate the gaps between the lemons with some leafy branches: you can use eucalyptus leaves, fern leaves or the leaves from some other light-weight plant.


2. Simplicity of yellow


Are you in a hurry? Then take a shallow tray and fill it with lemons - nothing else is needed. That said, if you have a chance to put out some yellow flowers in a nearby vase, then the overall result is even more attractive.

3. Catch the sun with glass beads


For those who want something a little more elaborate, but which is simple to make, here is an idea you can consider: put some water into a transparent glass vase, then fill it with decorative glass pearls in a color that matches the flower you intend to use. Once done, place the flowers into the glass pearls (as shown here). The square vase in this photo was created by @bigbash_events, but the concept works well with vases of other shapes too. The important thing is that the heads of the flowers are visible.

You need flowers that have long stems and have been stripped of branches or leaves. Tea-type roses are good for this purpose, as are sunflowers and lavendar. The stems will be hidden by the colored pearls (which also support the flowers and keep them erect)!

4. Super-POP pineapples!


Here's another fruit that is iconic of summertime: pineapples! Together with watermelons, pineapples are often hollowed-out to hold a decorative arrangement. But pineapples can even work as decorations in themselves. Check out how "super-POP! pineapples can become if you paint them with neon-colored spray paints! This technique also works well on pineapples you've hollowed-out!

5. The colors and scents of citrus fruits


Slices of citrus fruits are highly decorative in themselves, and require little else. In the example shown here, slices of citrus fruit have been "sandwiched" between two differently-sized drinking glasses. And, of course, this can be done using flower vases, or other similar containers. Then, add a bit of greenery (as shown here) and you're done!


6. Asparagus as a centerpiece?


Yes, indeed! Even raw asparagus can serve as an unusual but charming centerpiece. Combined with thin-stemmed wildflowers poking out amongst the asparagus stems, you can create an amazing centerpiece (which you can even eat later!). Add a finishing touch with a ribbon in the same color as the flowers!

7. A centerpiece you can eat


Combine "business with pleasure": here, a platter of seasonal fruit, artistically arranged in the center of the table and surrouned by cheese, crackers and other delicacies, becomes an amazing centerpiece you can make part of your meal!


8. Potted plants - with the pots!

Video tutorial via @host_to_perfection/Instagram

Do you want to display the beauty of the flowers of a potted plant that you don't want to cut? Well, just use the whole pot! Find a container large enough to hold the pot, and then make sure that only the flowers remain visible, as shown in this example using stunning, blue hydrangeas.

9. Living compositions as centerpieces


Another example along the same lines, is to use living plants and flowers planted in an appropriate container (like the silver toureen shown in this photo). 


10. Outdoor centerpieces

Tutorial via skiptomylou.org

Do you have a bowl you want to use as a centerpiece for a table outdoors? Well, here's an example of an outdoor centerpiece that is topped off with a candle that gives off a scent to keep mosquitoes at bay!

What centerpiece idea will you try out this summer?