10 creative ideas to repurpose old teacups

by Mark Bennett

May 04, 2024


Decorative teacups have a unique, elegant charm about them that reminds us of bygone eras. So, when it's time to throw an unusable teacup away, think again. Here are some nice, creative recycling ideas for teacups you can try out in the home or garden.

1. Unique light fittings and lampshades


With a bit of patience, you can drill holes in the bottom of the teacups and its matching saucer for the cables and light bulbs you need to transform teacups (and saucers) into unique light fittings and lampshades.


2. The flower pot for bulbs or succulents


A real easy project is to use teacups as flower pots for plants - especially slow-growing bulbs or succulents that don't need much water.

It is always better, however, to drill some drainage holes in the bottom of the teacup to avoid this risk of root rot developing.

3. Mini, hanging planter


Larger, round teacups are perfect for hanging from the ceiling as suspended flower pots. Use plain cord (or macramé) to suspend and support your teacup flower pot.

4. For homemade, scented candles


Do you want to experiment with making homemade candles? All you need are wicks, wax and fragrances to turn a teacup into a cute, scented candle.

5. Stunning candelabra


A little more ambitious is this "shabby-chic" project, where teacups are used to create a candelabra for tall, tapered candles!


6. A measuring utensil for the kitchen


Those who often use flour, sugar or other dry, loose ingredients, having a teacup readily to hand as a scoop will certainly come in useful, no?

7. Jewelry stand


Turn a teacup upside down, secure the matching saucer to the top, and now you have a unique jewelry stand!


8. An original wall decoration


Seeing a teacup with matching saucer defying gravity mounted to a wall, is that type of eye-catching decoration that makes wil make your home look unique.

9. It's always tea time


And the same could be said for a large wall clock that has the hours defined with cups and saucers...now, it's always tea time!


10. Even birds can eat in style


Why not use teacups and saucers in the garden too? With a cup and a saucer you can in fact easily create an adorable bird feeder to hang up in a tree or shrub.

Which idea would you like to try out first?