10 fantastic ways to recycle jar lids creatively

by Mark Bennett

April 19, 2024

10 fantastic ways to recycle jar lids

You are probably used to reusing glass jars - perhaps to put homemade jams or other foods into them, or to transform them into decorative objects. Usually, however, you probably throw away the metal lids: they cannot be reused for sealing food, and they are not very useful for recycling projects. Well, this is not exactly true and we provide some great lid-recycling ideas below:

1. Cork coasters


One popular project involves transforming jar lids into coasters of various kinds. It's the perfect project for larger jar lids, as you need a good size to accomodate the bases of glasses.

Furthermore, you don't need to paint the lid: it's better to eimply add a support layering. For this, cork sheeting is perfect, and this can personalized with initials, cute script and/or decorations of all kinds.


2. Coasters with photos


To personalize your DIY lid coasters in a truly unique way, you can use them as photo frames: cut out the photos so that they fill the circular bottoms perfectly, and then cover them to protect the photo (best done with resin)!

And nothing stops you from using them as mini photo frames on your walls!

3. Colorful coasters for the kids


Looking for coasters suitable for your kids (to familiarize them with using them)? Here's an idea to draw inspiration from: lots of stylized, colorful animals!

4. Written plant labels


Here's another very popular project: exploit the robustness of metal to use it outdoors, and specifically to identify plants in your flowerbeds or pots. Jar lids, for example, make excellent labels for identifying the plants in a spice garden. A little color for the background and then just write the name of the plant on with a permanent marker, and you're done!

5. Illustrated plant labels


If, however, you want to do something special, then you could combine the above idea with a drawing of the plant (as shown here). These will be truly artistic, elegant labels!


6. Floating candles


Do you want floating candles, but larger than those usually found in shops? You can make these by using aluminum jar lids that have releatively higher edges. It's also the perfect idea to recycle the wax residue from your spent candles.

7. Hanging decorations


Each lid, in fact, can be thought of as a mini picture frame, to decorate however you like: flowers, names, animals, landscapes, and more... you can even use scraps of paper or fabric for decoration!


8. Cookie-cutters


Given their shape, jar lids can easily be used as cookie-cutters.

9. Molds for single-portion cakes


And remaining on the subject of cooking, each lid can be used as a sort of cake mold, perfect for single-portion treats that don't need any (or much) baking.


10. Mini tarts gifts


Even mini tarts - made this way - would make for cute gifts.

Have you ever thought about reusing your old jar lids in similar ways?