Enhance your garden with an above-ground swimming pool: check out these examples of what can be achieved

by Mark Bennett

May 03, 2024


A swimming pool is a fantastic addition to any garden. But installing a ground-level swimming pool can be challenging and very expensive. It is much simpler and cheaper to go for an above-ground model, and we take a look at some examples below:


1. Choose the right framework


There are loads of above-ground swimming pool models to choose from, ranging widely in shape and size and also their frameworks and how they are finished. Here, the pool has an attractive framework and finishing (cladding) and is positioned in the corner of the garden, surrounded by plants.


2. Stock tank pools


One of the most popular above-ground pool choices these days are the so-called stock tank pools (ie. galvanized metal tanks used to water grazing livestock, and which have converted into above-ground pools). They are a little larger than classic children's pools, but not as large as regular, ground-level garden pools. In other words, they're a great (and robust) compromise solution!

3. Wooden decking


Above-ground pools can be made much more beautiful and accessible by installing raised decking (with steps) that sits/abuts flush to the top of the pool!

4. Customize mini, above-ground pools

hannahreesor__ /Instagram

There is no shortage of ideas for making your above-ground pool truely unique:here's an example with a mosaic (amusing) "message" which has been used to decorate the bottom of the pool.

5. A fun slide


If children will be using the pool, think of how much fun they could have if you added a water slide! Here's an example of a slide that has been decorated to look like a castle! It will be like having a miniature waterpark at home.


6. Stone cladding

@ finnfamilyfarm/Instagram

Turn your above-ground pool into permanent feature in the garden with a bit of masonry work. Bricks, concrete, rocks and more can be used to clad/finish your pool. The material you use will depend on the effect you want to create, of course.

7. Masonry and wood


Here, the above-ground swimming pool is framed by stone masonry edges on two sides, and wooden flooring on one of the other side (that can be accessed via stairs). Any small garden can be turned into an oasis with this design approach.


8. Infinity pool


Here's a more ambitious project: an above-ground pool which only protrudes on one side. In this example, the pool was made using a shipping container which was installed in a sloped garden. The stunning result is this amazing infinity pool in set up in a garden!

9. Mediterranean charm


White plaster and Mediterranean plants: a shallow above-ground pool, perfectly adapted to the size of the garden shown here. It will make you want to relax in it for the entire summer!


10. An above-ground pool on the balcony


A mini spa/plunge pool on the balcony: perfect for large balconies or terraces and can screened off with plants. Luxurious and eye-catching too!

Would you like to be put in an above-ground pool on your property?