A hanging garden on the balcony: furnish your small outdoor spaces with these great pointers

by Mark Bennett

May 04, 2024


City life can cut you off from Nature and greenery in general. But if you have a small balcony available, you can easily set up your own, personal, green "oasis".

If you want to transform your small balcony into a hanging garden but don't know where to start, try following these this short guide:

1. Evaluate the local climate


The first step is to carefully evaluate the prevailing climatic conditions of your balcony: exposure to the sun, wind and atmospheric agents are all essential factors which will determine the most suitable plant species for your project.


2. Suitable planters


The next step is to determine the most suitable planters for the space you have available for this project: in the case of very small spaces, rail-mounted planters are highly recommended. Alternatively, choose hanging vases/pots and create vertical gardens by mounting planters on the walls. Whatever your choice, make sure that you still leave space to move around in comfortably.

3. Boho-style living room on the balcony


Set up an outdoor living room on your balcony by furnishing it with rugs, a coffee table and a hanging armchair, in the classic boho style. Now, you can enjoy your afternoons in the open air in a comfortable, welcoming and cozy environment

4. Attend to the flooring


The flooring also deserves to be integrated into this project: cover it with tiles or wooden cladding (parquet) or simply put down some colorful, decorative carpets or mats.

5. Multiple levels


On small balconies, it is essential to use the available spaces optimally. To this end, setting up a garden on several levels multiple levels comes into play: use shelves and hanging pots to achieve this.


6. Use colors wisely


A colorful balcony will certainly brighten your day: use colorful paints (and decorative items/plants) to make your small balcony more welcoming and lively. Do you prefer green plants or bright flowers? If you prefer this latter, choose flowers with colors that match each other and surrounding decor.

7. Comfortable, romantic relaxation area


Create a comfortable, romantic relaxation area on your balcony with a soft sofa, candles and/or lanterns.


8. Vertical vegetable patch

Vertical vegetable patch mounted on a balcony wall


If you love vegetables and aromatic herbs and want to always have a fresh supply to hand, set up a vertical vegetable garden on the wall of your balcony: it will not only be a good way to provide shade, but will also improve your mood.

How have you furnished your small balcony?