Furnishing outdoor spaces: 18 ideas using pallets for your garden and balcony

by Mark Bennett

April 16, 2024

Furnishing outdoor spaces: 18 ideas using pallets for your outdoor areas

The arrival of good weather inevitably leads to us wanting to spend more time outdoors and furnishing the outdoor areas properly certainly helps to enhance our enjoyment of being outside.

There are many DIY projects that you can try out to beautify your terrace, balcony or garden. Pallets, in particular, are very cheap and useful materials for this purpose and below, we suggest 18 wonderful ideas on how you can use them:

1. Deck chairs


Enjoy sunbathing more by making deckchairs from pallets: two pallets joined together and a comfortable cushion will be all you need to make a practical and comfortable deckchair.


2. Bench with planter


Pallets are perfect for creating a comfortable bench for the outdoors: a pallet positioned vertically for the back of the bench can be "upgraded" into a planter for colorful, scented flowers.

3. Relaxation area


Set up a relaxation area in your garden to unwind in: a gravel floor, a bench and a pallet table/support will be perfect for this purpose.

4. Dry bar


On the balcony or in the garden, mount a foldable, dry bar station on a wall: perfect for small spaces, it will allow you to get a drink whenever you need one.

5. Campfire


Pallets are perfect for making a practical campfire framwork. Add some wheels to the bottom, and you can move your fire around as needed.


6. Shaded reading corner


And what if you used pallets to mame a lovely, shaded reading corner? With planters on the sides, it will be even more attractive and welcoming.

7. Dining table


Make a large and practical dining table for your outdoor barbecues events by reusing pallets: cheap and simple to make, this table will be indispensible for your outdoors dining.


8. Gazebo


Make your gazebo more welcoming and robust by using pallets for the flooring and borders.

9. Swing


If you love relaxing by being swinging on a swing, you can easily make one by simply using a pallet and some thick ropes to hold the seat.


10. Barbecue station


The barbecue always needs numerous cooking tools which need to be close to hand: so, to this end, why not create a handy barbecue station using pallets?

11. Cabana


What could be better than enjoying the outdoors on beautiful sunny days, lying in the shade of a small cabana? Using pallets, you can make a lovely, cheap one!


12. Patio


Construct a fantastic, welcoming patio in a corner of your garden by reusing pallets and decorating them with colorful cushions and hanging planters.

13. Outdoor kitchen


If you enjoy doing everything outdoors, set up a proper outdoor kitchen in your garden: this will be a cheap and easy DIY project if you use pallets.


14. Bar station


And if you want to be able to enjoy an aperitif while watching the sun set, a bar station is the answer. Construct it on wheels so it can be wheeled away when winter or bad weather returns.

15. Romantic whites and blues


Take inspiration from the seaside by creating a romantic relaxation area in blues and whites for your evenings spent outside.


16. A cozy balcony


Have you wanted for years to furnish your balcony to make it more welcoming? Maybe it you thought it would be too expensive to do? But, by using pallets, you can get this project done for almost zero cost.

17. Coffee table with an icebox


And how about using a pallet to house an icebox and wine bottle slots?

18. Relax on the balcony


A comfortable sofa, a coffee table and a vertical garden: all the elements you need on a small balcony that will induce you to relax.

Which of these projects will you try out for your outdoor spaces?