Want a wonderful, autumnal table centerpiece? Check out these 13 great ideas

by Mark Bennett

October 19, 2023

Want a wonderful, autumnal table centerpiece? Check out these 13 great ideas

Autumn is associated with ideas of isolation, lethargy and sleepiness. Trees shed their leaves, greenery dies and leaves foliage in iconic autumnal colors. Browns, oranges, beiges, reds: these autumn shades and colors can also be very charming to view.

And with the arrival of autumn in all its glory, we may want to "import" this season into our home. So, how can we do this? Well, one way would be to make autumnal-themed table centerpieces.

Check out these 13 great centerpiece projects:

1. All you need is glass bowl and some pumpkins...

A very simple, tasteful centerpiece could be made by using a glass bowl (like a goldfish bowl) and placing some orange pumpkins (and some other seasonal icons, like pine cones) into it.


2. A cute woodland critter

If you like animals in general and "woodland" creatures in particular, you might be interested in a project like this in which,  a cute hedgehog is placed in the middle of a cluster of flowers and leaves. Wonderful!

3. Color contrast for an elegant look

Colors help us a lot in furnishing our homes and, as in this case, they can give a touch of elegance as autumn centrepieces. A white vase with color-contrasting branches inside it (brown or dark orange would be ideal), as shown in this photo, is a good example. Elegant, no?

4. A very original centerpiece

How about a centerpiece made using water and candles? You could choose the type of glass vase you like the best, put some autumn leaves in them, fill them with water and place some delicate white candles floating on the surface. The effect will be very chic.

5. A passion for flowers...

Do you love flowers and must have them on the table at any time of the year? Why not create a centerpiece that is made up of flowers of many different shades. With little effort, you will have an arrangement which your guests will envy.


6. A string of lights makes all the difference

Sometimes, a little more is needed. A string of LEDs could be the finishing touch you were looking for. Illuminated like this, your centerpiece will look magical.

7. An autumn tower

What if your dinner table is small? Well, you could opt for a tall, narrow vase filled with small pine cones, pumpkins of different colors and even some colored berries. Do you think you'd like this?


8. What about using fruit?

We don't always realize that we don't need to buy too many things to beautify our home. Do we want a centerpiece that creates a good impression and decorates nicely - but doesn't cost an arm and a leg? Well, why not consider using fruit. Oranges, mandarins and more could be the main elements of a centerpiece which is embellished with other decorations (twigs, leaves or pine cones, for example). Easy, fast, cheap and... charming!

9. A vase of corks

You have some dry branches, some sunset-colored leaves, but one detail is missing: the display stand. One good idea to complete the centerpiece could be to fill a vase with corks to act as the stand/support. And the corks themselves will add to the charm of the piece.


10. The charm of wood

If you like having nature in your home and also want a centerpiece made of wood, then a wooden disk at the base of your centerpiece could be just what you need. On it, you can place all the other things you like (and a candle will add romance). 

11. Rustic, shabby-chic centerpieces

Orange, white and brown are the dominant colors in these compositions. A plant with orange flowers, pumpkins and wood to frame the compositions.


12. And don't forget candles...

There are many types of candles we can choose from to complete our wonderful centerpieces. Candles, leaves and pumpkins are the perfect combination to bring autumn to our dining table.

13. Pumpkins... pumpkins... only pumpkins!

Pumpkins are the principal icons of autumn. Perfect for many tasty dishes, pumpkins are also perfect for decorating our home. Inside or outside, they always create a warm, relaxing atmosphere wherever they are tastefully displayed.

So, as you can see, there is no shortage of ideas out there which can inspire you in your desire to create wonderful, autumnal-themed table centerpieces.

Which one of these do you like?