Rustic ovens for terraces and gardens: be inspired by these 15 wonderful projects

by Mark Bennett

October 22, 2023

Rustic ovens for terraces and gardens: be inspired by these 15 wonderful projects

Whether made of clay, terracotta, stone or brick, rustic ovens are perfect for preparing perfectly cooked dishes (especially outdoors).

Robust and decorative, rustic ovens can be a true focal point when entertaining outside (weather permitting, of course).

Usually wood-fired, rustic ovens are more demanding than traditional electric and gas ovens, requiring constant care and attention so that their internal temperature is kept constant and the food is cooked properly. Once you learn how your wood-fired oven works, however, you can get great results.

Are you thinking of upgrading your terrace or part of your garden by building a rustic oven? Well, check out the 15 fantastic projects outlined below:


1. A photo-negative oven

This oven, built using black bricks and geometric lines looks like the negative of a photograph and will certainly attract admiration.


2. Rustic, ecological oven

This stone and clay oven is made entirely of natural, eco-friendly materials (including the logs supporting the roof). 

3. Rustic brick oven

If you have the space, why not build a "proper" outdoor kitchen? The kitchen pictured here is entirely made of whitewashed masonry with contrasting red bricks.

4. Highly decorative, rustic oven

If you want an oven that is decorative and fanciful, using bright yellow and blue colors will immediately transport you to the Mediterranean. This compact model fits perfectly on small terraces.

5. Simple rustic oven

If simplicity is your watchword, choose a brick oven for your outdoor cooking spot.


6. Sculpted terracotta oven

This oven is made entirely of earthenware and depicts a monster with an open mouth: useful, fun and decorative at the same time.

7. Integrated oven

How about integrating the oven into one of the walls of your cottage?


8. The outdoors kitchen

Why limit yourself to just having an oven when you can go "whole hog"? If space allows it, it will be fun to build an entire rustic kitchen in the garden.

9. A rustic-modern blend

A brick and stone base can support a modern wood-burning oven in stainless steel and powder-coated aluminium; it will be a perfect fusion of the vintage with modernity.


10. A triumph of majolica

This oven covered with richly decorated majolica is a true eye-catcher.

11. Stone, terracotta and wood

This irregular stone base supports a terracotta oven whose lively color blends with the warmth of the wood shelves.


12. Mexican oven

Here, the white of the upper part of the structure creates an interesting contrast with the dark red of the lower bricks and the fireplace and the beauty of the Mexican-styled decorations.

13. Outdoor kitchen area

Mark off the area intended for preparing food outside by using decorative paving. The oven will hold pride of place in this structure.


14. Mosaic oven

Transform the oven into a work of art by covering it with a mosaics.

15. A lighthouse in the middle of the garden

This whitewashed oven with clean, simple lines will look like a lighthouse in the middle of your garden.

Which of these rustic ovens would you choose for your garden?