Keep your under-sink areas neat permanently with these 12 great organizers

by Mark Bennett

October 15, 2023

Keep your under-sink areas neat permanently with these 12 great organizers

We never seem to have enough space for all our things, especially in modern apartments which are increasingly becoming smaller and smaller. For this reason, we are always looking for space-saving solutions that allow us to exploit any unused corners of our apartments (or to improve the capacity of existing storage areas).

Amongst all the spaces at our disposal, there is under-sink areas, which offer an excellent alternative for storing detergents and cleaning tools. But often, this area is a chaotic mess and we struggle to find what we need when we need it.

As with all other furniture, the sink unit can benefit greatly from the use of organizers and containers that help you keep all your cleaning tools and accessories in good order.

If you are thinking of tidying up your under-sink areas but don't know how to do this, we show you below 12 useful organizers that could be right for you.


1. Multi-tier shelving

A small 2-tier shelving unit will be very useful for keeping your detergents in order. You will be able to find them immediately.


2. Door rail

A door rail is often used in the bathroom or kitchen as a towel rack, but in the under-sink area it can be very useful for keeping all the cleaning sprays in order.

3. Wooden dividers

Making a wooden dividing structure will be a very effective method to ensure that all your detergents and accessories are stored neatly.

4. Metal organizer with tracks

A metal organizer with a track to slide it in and out will not only keep all your products separate and in order, but will also make it easier for you to get them out when you need them.

5. Metal organizer with rails

Here's another example of a metal organizer on sliding tracks.


6. Roll holder

Choose a cylindrical roll holder to store foil, plastic and baking paper rolls. Make it yourself using plastic bottles, tubing, glass or tin cans.

7. Hooks and metal baskets

Hooks, stationery clips and metal baskets hanging from the sink cabinet doors will always keep your gloves, towels and sponges in order.


8. Plastic chest of drawers

Stackable plastic containers will create a perfect chest of drawers to keep all your cleaning products in perfect order.

9. Bag holder/dispensers

Trash bags will always be tidy if hung up with two hooks and a rod passing through the roll.


10. Turntable

What if you used a turntable (aka "lazy susan") to store all your cleaning products? They will always be tidy and quickly to hand.

11. Neat bins

A sliding track and multiple compartments will help you keep your trash cans tidy and separate.


12. Multiple solutions for a under-sink unit that is always tidy

Use multiple of these solutions to keep your under-sink area tidy: a rod along the entire length of the cabinet, stackable containers, hooks and rails on the doors will be perfect in this regard.

And how did you organize your under-sink areas?