Is the clutter in your home getting out of hand? Sort it out by using these 14 great products

by Mark Bennett

June 05, 2024


Keeping order at home may seem like an impossible task for many of us. That said, there are some products you can use to help you keep your home neat, clean and tidy at all times.

If you are looking for solutions along these lines, then check out these 14 fantastic products:

1. Refrigerator organizer

A full refrigerator can easily become messy and cluttered with expired foodstuffs. To keep all your refrigerated items organized and make sure you always consume foodstuffs before they expire, get some practical organizers (like the ones shown here) that will help you divide up your consumables by type and help keep your fridge tidy.


2. Retractable shelves

It can be really difficult to reach the objects kept in the back of deep closets and drawers, resulting in us forgetting we even have them! In the pantry, in the bathroom or in the detergent cabinet, retractable shelves can be extremely useful to allow us keep an eye on all the contents inside deep drawers/closets.

3. Tower shoe rack

We all know how important it is to remove our shoes when entering the home, but often, our entryway is not large enough for a built-in wardrobe or a bench to store the shoes in. A vertical shoe rack (tower shoe rack) - like the one shown here - can be useful even in the smallest of entryways, where it can store shoes neatly.

4. Glasses holder

Those of you who love to entertain will certainly have a large supply of drinking glasses which take up a lot of space on your shelves. Optimize the space available to you - and protect your glasses from accidents - by installing a practical glasses holder. You can attach it to the bottom of a shelf or even under the kitchen cabinet, gaining a lot of extra space from freed-up shelves and countertops.

5. Glass jars

For a tidier pantry, use glass containers to store your food products in. By replacing open boxes with glass containers (like jars, for example), you will not only be able to store your food for longer, but you will also have tidier and more managable shelves. Add some elegant and practical labels, so that there will be no more room for misidentification mistakes!


6. Bathroom containers

Even the shelf above the sink in your bathroom can be made tidier and cleaner by using glass containers: group them in a basket and keep all the products you need to hand in them: neater and much easier to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the bathroom.

7. Under-sink caddy

The cabinet under the sink quickly gets messy with all the products you probably store in it. A practical solution is to use a caddy (like the one shown here) to store all your detergents, sponges, cloths, garbage bags and more. Now, you can keep all your products neat and, at the same time, always have them readily to hand.


8. Rotating makeup organizer

Are the shelves in your bathroom cluttered with makeup products? Keep order by using a rotating make-up organiser for all your "must have" beauty products.

9. Space-saving, door-mounted shelving

Modern houses are much smaller than in the past, and free space is at a premium. To "claw back" some extra space, you can use some door-mounted shelving (and example of which you can see in this photo). Perfect in the pantry, bathroom or bedroom, shelving like this can give you the extra room you need to restore order to your rooms.


10. Wall-mounted jewelry cabinet

Where do you store all your jewelry and similar accessories? If you lack space on shelves or in the drawers, consider putting up a jewelry cabinet on a wall: a handy mirror (doubling as a hinged door) can "hide" a jewelry cabinet which will be a great space-saver in your home!

11. Broom hooks

Keeping order in the broom closet will be easier if you hang your brooms and dustpans on the wall or on the door by using special hooks.


12. Shelf for the iron and ironing board

Where do you keep your iron and ironing board? Well, a practical, space-saving solution is to put up a wall-mounted shelf with hooks for the ironing board - check out the example in the photo.

13. Hair accessories organizer

And where do you keep all your hair-care appliances? A free-standing or wall-mounted organizer will be perfect to keep all these items neatly to hand.


14. Cabinet above the toilet

The bathroom is usually the one room where you will have the most space problems (usually due to the enormous amount of products we "stuff" into it). To gain some extra space, you can install a cabinet above the toilet (which is usually left free and unused).