Tired of clutter in the bathroom? Here are 20 practical solutions that could help you out

by Mark Bennett

October 15, 2023

Tired of clutter in the bathroom? Here are 20 practical solutions that could help you out

It goes without saying that a bathroom should be clean, neat and welcoming. But choosing the right fixtures, fitting and furniture for a bathroom can be challenging. In particular, it can be difficult to find (and deploy) the right cabinets for your bathroom.

Given this, here are 20 options you can consider when choosing bathroom cabinets:

1. Wall-mounted units

If the problem is mainly one of space, why not take advantage of the walls? In this case a wall-mounted cabinet could be the answer.

You can opt for one with open shelves and with towel rails: a practical way to store things without the piece looking bulky or out of place.

Winston Porter/Wayfair

Winston Porter/Wayfair

Alternatively, if your bathroom has a little more space, you might want to go for a cabinet that has both a closeable and an open part. It will certainly look good on the wall.

RiverRidge Home/Wayfair

RiverRidge Home/Wayfair

And if you like a retro look, what do you think of this option? Just chose one in a color that matches the rest of the bathroom. Add a few hooks and you hang up even more things.

Multiple shelves organized in a geometric pattern are not only useful for storing folded towels, but will also make your bathroom look very chic.

If you don't like open shelves, there are also simple closeable wall cabinets where even the door could store smaller items that you use frequently.


Also very useful is a wall unit in which you can place brushes, hairdryers, toilet paper and so on. And its clever design will prevent anything from falling out. 

2. How can we use the under-sink area?

Often neglected, why not use a solution like the one shown here for your under-sink areas.


Alternatively, you can go for a getting a larger cabinet which "hugs" the base of the sink. In this case, you will need a bathroom which is a bit more spacious. 

3. Camouflage the toilet in an original way...

Perhaps not obvious, the area around the toilet can be exploited (and can also "hide" the toilet's cistern, for example). There are many options to chose from in this regard. Let's check some of them out below:


For instance, you can opt for a unit that is not much higher than the toilet itself. The upper part can act as a shelf for magazines, toilet paper rolls or a speaker (for music to listen to while we taking a bath)!

Tiny bathroom? No problem. Store everything around the toilet and you will keep the side walls free so as not have a claustrophobic feeling.


What do you think of this "ladder solution"? Of course, you must like open shelves, but this gives that unique shabby-chic touch that others will envy.

4. I need a little more space...

Need just a bit more space? Here is the perfect solution! Place a small, narrow shelf directly under the mirror - a simple solution!


There are many shelvin models and we could choose a very simple one in order to save space. Sometimes two extra drawers or two shelves are all we need.

5. Corners: why we never think about these...

We rarely exploit the space in the corners of any room. But in some cases, corner cabinets are definitely the answer we've been looking for for keeping the bathroom neat and orderly. And, it can look elegant too!


You can even go for tall corner units. And the example here certainly doesn't look bulky, don't you think?

6. Ladders aren't just for climbing up

Sometimes, we tend not to see alternate uses for everyday objects. But why limit yourself? In this case, a ladder can be useful as a storage item in the bathroom. Towels, toilet paper rolls, soap, shampoo: put whatever you want on the steps and you'll be amazed.

You could choose to place baskets on the steps (or leave the spaces open). Each shelf will have its function and will help to keep your bathroom neat and tidy.

7. Something a bit more "classical"

And if you want something more "classic", then a cabinet with multiple compartments - perhaps aligned vertically or horizontally - will give you what you want. For greater convenience, you could also consider labeling the drawers so that you immediately know where to look to find something.

8. "All-storage" cabinet

If you want a single space in which to store everything within easy reach, here is the ideal solution. You can store everything you need in it, including a toilet roll holder. Very handy!

These and many other solutions are ideal when you want to furnish your bathroom while keeping taste, style and functionality.

Which of these solutions would you like to have in your bathroom?