15 imaginative ideas for recycling every part of old, wooden chairs

by Mark Bennett

October 10, 2023

15 imaginative ideas for recycling every part of old, wooden chairs

Sitting on an unstable chair is the last thing we want: if we can fix it and strengthen it, great. But if it is too old and can no longer serve its purpose, then what? Well, don't throw it away! In fact, we can find a thousand ways to recycle old chairs and to creating unique furnishing objects with them.

Practically every part of old chairs can be reused - just check out the pictures below for inspiration:

Wooden chairs as rustic shelves

Old chairs are perfect as shelves with a rustic and vintage look. Usually the backrest is used, with a portion of seat sufficient to be used as a narrow shelf.


Old chairs are often used in the bathroom, but they can actually liven up the decor elsewhere too. It depends on what you need. And sometimes all the parts can be used in a matching set, with the pieces intended for multiple uses.

Even using just the backrest - in particular those with horizontal bars - a very useful towel rack can be made.

Alternatively, by adding hooks to to recycled chairs, you can have a clothes/coat rack to put up wherever you need it. 

... even for plants!

What if you turn an old chair into a planter? Succulent plants will look great in a planter like this on your balcony.


From old chair to coffee table

By using only the legs of the chair, you can make a coffee table! Or it can also act as a stool or a support item in the bathroom.

But you can also create coffee tables and small tables by using the backrests! Turn them upside down and they become the legs of a new table!


Old chairs protruding from the wall

Imagine chairs that protrude from the walls: if you cut them perfectly flush, you can install them to become useful shelves and clothes hangers/racks.

The impression is that the wall is swallowing them! And you could can even use this method to install unique bedside tables.


If they are not too big or bulkly, entire chairs can be mounted on a wall. Used upright or upside down, they will always provide useful working/storage surfaces.

Two chairs, one bench

There are many projects for using old chairs to make a bench. With a bit of reinforcement, they will be used as bench frames for a long time.


Other objects that can be made from old chairs

A backrest can be converted into a blackboard to hang up on a wall!

... but they can also be used as a wall-mounted jewelry holder. It all depends on the model of chair: as long as there is enough room to put in hooks, it will work!


And if the seat or backrest has a wicker/reed finish, the holes can become excellent jewelery holders!

And what about turning the chairs into storage items? Make a mini work station for your hobby tools, for example!

Have you ever recycled old wooden chairs like this?