Decorate your home with discarded wooden fruit crates: 14 DIY projects to try out

by Mark Bennett

June 20, 2023

Decorate your home with discarded wooden fruit crates: 14 DIY projects to try out

When it comes to furnishing and decorating the home, there are many materials that can help us in this enterprise - some of which can be found in our attics, garages and other areas where we store things to be thrown out or recycled/repurposed. Amongst these, old wooden crates - once used for fruit or wine - are a very handy and versatile resource which can be be used to decorate our homes.

From the kitchen to the living room, from the bedroom to the bathroom, and even in the garden or on the balcony, there isn't a room in your home that cannot benefit from the creative use of these crates. Check out the 14 suggestions below to get a bit of inspiration for your next DIY project:

1. Seasonal centerpiece

One of the simplest and most decorative projects is the creation of a seasonal centerpiece, to be filled with flowers or evergreen branches, fruit or pine cones, depending on the season. All you need is a small rectangular box.


2. Attractive planters

In the garden, fruit crates are easily transformed into attractive planters for your potted plants. And they are also perfect for your terraces and balconies or to decorate an entrance.

3. Chest of drawers

What if you need a chest of drawers instead? In the bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen or outdoors, this practical, DIY chest of drawers fits perfectly into any spot in the house!

4. Stand

An open-faced stand can always come in handy in the hall, to replace a shoe rack, or in the kitchen or dining room, to give a a more convivial feel to your table. Even in the bedroom, this piece can be useful.

5. Fruit trolley

What's more convenient in a kitchen than a fruit trolley? Very easy to make, and if you don't use it in the kitchen, you can easily use it in the children's room for their toys.


6. Coffee table for the living room

Wooden crates are perfect for making a wonderful living room table. There are many models that you can create, depending on your needs and the space available to you. Unleash your creative side!

7. Garden bar cabinet

Check out this fabulous garden bar cabinet! Perfect for welcoming your guests to summer barbecues and when relaxing outdoors.


8. Children's bookshelves

How about instead of creating a colorful bookcase for your children's bedroom? They can keep thier books, papers and even their toys on it. They will love it!

9. Shoe rack

Simply stacked together or placed side by side, wooden crates are perfect to build a shoe rack. This will be very handy standing near your front door.


10. Closets

If you want to tackle a bigger project, or if you simply want to save money and optimize the space in a small room, wooden crates can also be transformed into a practical wardrobe.

11. Bedside tables

For the bedroom, make bedside tables by simply adding feet to crates.


12. Corner bookcase

If you have a lot of books to store, this corner bookcase is the right solution for you. Easy to make, incredibly cheap, spacious and practical, it can adapt to any corner of your home... and will be fully customized!

13. In the bathroom

There are many ways in which wooden boxes can be used to furnish your bathroom, especially if space is limited: for example, you can create a wonderful sink cabinet, or a small column to be placed alongside the mirror. Alternatively, simply mount them on the wall to serve as shelves.


14. Kitchen cabinets

Finally, how about replacing the wall units in your kitchen with crates? Practical, economical and versatile, you can decorate them however you want to suit the environment. And when you change your mind, you can easily replace them with regular shelving or standard kitchen units.

Have you ever used wooden crates for your DIY projects?