12 wonderful ideas to decorate your garden by recycling pallets

by Mark Bennett

July 29, 2023

12 wonderful ideas to decorate your garden by recycling pallets

Pallets are a useful, affordable and incredibly versatile resource for making stunning indoor or outdoor furniture and accessories. In fact, by reusing pallets in a creative way, we can create wonderful decorations for our garden, totally furnishing it for almost zero cost and respecting the environment too.

Pallets can easily be used to furnish the whole house, making furniture suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Using pallets, we can create wonderful relaxation areas, tables and benches for our outdoor lunches, but also barbecue corners, bar counters, work tables and decorative elements such as planters, partition walls and bicycle covers.

We suggest below 12 wonderful ideas for decorating your garden by creatively recycling pallets.

1. Picnic table

All you need is a few pallets and some quick and easy touch-ups to create a wonderful picnic table for your meals outdoors.


2. Fountain or sink?

To ensure maximum hygiene outdoors, you can make a fountain or sink using pallets as the raw materials.

3. Bar cabinet

To welcome your guests, create a wonderful outdoors bar using pallets. Customize it according to your tastes and your needs.

4. Shelter for bicycles

If you are looking for a shelter for your bicycles, the perfect solution can be achieved at almost no cost by using pallets and a plastic sheet.

5. Play area

If you love ambitious projects, create a play area for your children: they will have a lot of fun playing with the sand and with their new, miniature kitchen.


6. Mobile barbecue

Who doesn't love enjoying beautiful days outdoors with barbecues and friends and family? A barbecue unit like this will make the summer days even more special.

7. Swing

Relax in the shade - perhaps in the company of a good book - rocking gently under the largest tree in your garden. Make a comfortable and beautiful swing out of pallets.


8. Work bench

For gardening lovers, there is nothing better than spending summer days taking care of plants and flowers. Make this even better with a work bench fully equipped for your gardening tasks - and made by yourself for nearly zero cost!

9. Rainbow table

How about giving a little color and liveliness to the garden with a table and benches painted in the colors of the rainbow?


10. Relaxation area

Create a very comfortable relaxation area for your garden by making some wonderful sofas and a coffee table. A few stacked pallets and a few cushions will be enough to achieve this. This project is also perfectly suited for terraces.

11. Trash can flower bed

How about covering up those ugly recycling bins with a lovely flower bed? This will be very easy to make using pallets.


12. Tanning beds

We end with a great summer classic: the tanning bed. Buying one can be very expensive, but you can easily make one for almost no cost with pallets.

Which project will you try?