14 creative and fun projects for organizing and keeping mugs and cups tidy

by Cinzia Borgia

June 29, 2023

14 creative and fun projects for organizing and keeping mugs and cups tidy

Tea and coffee mugs are permanent presences in our kitchens and seem to multiply inexplicably out of all proportion, until they come out of the cabinets and occupy the counter or table. One does not have to be a great admirer of tea, coffee and hot beverages in general to always have a well-stocked supply in the cabinets. And you often don't quite know how to manage them to optimize space in the kitchen, making it look neater.

Whether it's simple hooks to hang on the wall or shelf, pedestal cabinets, shelves or more complex structures, there are many projects that can be made to organize our cups so that they take up as little space as possible. We suggest below 14 creative and fun projects for you to take inspiration from.

1. First of all, the coffee

 A simple wooden board with hooks to hang all your cups on, always immediately ready for use.


2. Minimalist

A series of simple white shelves stacked on top of each other are the perfect solution for those with a clean, simple, no-frills style.

3. Small shelf

 If you have a tea and coffee corner in your kitchen counter, get a small cup rack or build it yourself.

4. Corner column

 If you have a spare corner in your kitchen, why not take advantage of it with a slim corner column? Perfect for housing your cups!

5. Industrial countertop cup holder

If you love industrial style, a metal cup holder is just the thing for you. With plenty of space to display all your mugs, you can use it either standing on the counter or hanging on the wall with a hook.


6. Pallets

 Who said small pallets can't be reused as furniture? A shelf for your cups is the ideal function for them!

7. The climb to coffee.

 A ladder-shaped shelf is an original idea to house your cups. You can use it either upward or downward with the hooks under the shelves.


8. Under-cabinet hook

 If you are simply looking for a way to make better use of your wall cabinets, the under-cabinet hook is the right solution. It will allow you to store your hanging cups while leaving the space below free.

9. A tree of cups

 If you like DIY and rustic items, you will certainly appreciate the idea of using a branch that extends like a tree from the floor to the ceiling. You can hang hooks for your mugs on it and it will be a wonderful sight.


10. Rails with hooks

 How about hanging simple rails with hooks on the walls? Perfect for storing cups, spoons, and even your tea and coffee packages.

11. A cup for every tea

 Each tea corresponds to its own cup in this tea and herbal tea cabinet.


12. Rack

 Hang your cups on a rack under the wall unit. A perfect way to maximize space.

13. Metal cup holder

 If you like modern style your choice can only fall on a metal cup holder. Lightweight, essential, with clean lines, it furnishes without weighing you down. And it has all the space you need to store your cups.


14. Wall grid

 Your mugs will always be handy with a metal grid on the wall.

Which design do you prefer?