10 timeless slpashbacks ideas to revamp your kitchenette

by Cinzia Borgia

June 26, 2023

10 timeless slpashbacks ideas to revamp your kitchenette

A splasback is an essential accessory in our kitchens to protect the walls from food splashes, water and allow us to quickly remedy small or large culinary mishaps that can happen to us while preparing our meals. When you have the desire to change your kitchen, installing or replacing a splash guard can be a great way to fully change the look of this room, yet without making too heavy an investment in time, money or effort.

If you're afraid of getting tired of your new backsplash guard right away, we suggest below 10 timeless ideas that will fit perfectly with any style and will keep their beauty for years to come.

1. White tiles

Truly adaptable to whatever style you choose for your kitchens, white tiles become one with the wall, discreetly protecting it and making it easier to clean. You can choose to install classic tiles or, more simply, apply adhesive ones, the result will still be very elegant and attractive.


2. Wood

Those who love the warm embrace of wood will not fail to appreciate a splash guard made of this material. It immediately makes the room warmer and more inviting and is perfect even with more modern kitchens, which risk looking too cold instead.

3. Bricks

The brick splash guard is perfect for those who want to give a rustic look to their kitchen and also fits well with cooler, more modern stainless steel appliances. Again, you can choose the adhesive alternative, which is much easier both to install and to replace.

4. Geometric

Tiles with geometric shapes are perfect for creating depth in the room and drawing the eye without overwhelming all the other elements in the kitchen, especially when they are in solid colors or in a muted color scheme.

5. Colored tiles

Colored tiles are perfect for giving personality and warmth to the kitchen, which immediately becomes more welcoming thanks to their bright colors. Beautiful contrasting matches with the furniture, you can also find them in the adhesive version.


6. Coordinated with the countertop

An excellent way to enhance a kitchen with sophisticated details is to coordinate the backsplash with the countertop, creating a whole between the two surfaces that will draw attention to the granite, quartz or other stone countertop. The homogeneity of the result will also ensure easier cleaning.

7. Natural stone

Perfect if you want to recreate the warm atmosphere of mountain lodges, natural stone is well suited for both indoor and outdoor kitchens giving them a timeless look.


8. Stained glass

If you are looking for a modern, original and extra easy to clean solution, stained glass is the one for you. Choose neutral or easily adaptable shades such as light blue or green. They will look really great.

9. Pebbles

If you're looking for a high-impact backsplash, choose pebbles instead: a material you wouldn't expect on a kitchen wall, but one that will nevertheless give the whole a timeless, elegant and refined look.


10. Mirror

If you love modern, urban style but don't want classic subway tiles, the mirror is perfect for your kitchen. Besides giving the room a modern air, it will also make it look larger. Match it with stainless steel appliances, white cabinets and countertops, and glass chandeliers.