Rearranging kitchen space while keeping things close to hand: 10 fascinating ideas

by Mark Bennett

September 11, 2022

Rearranging kitchen space while keeping things close to hand: 10 fascinating ideas

Having a tidy kitchen is essential to be able to prepare meals without any hitches, and are beautiful to look at. Today, with ever smaller spaces available, this need is felt more than ever. This is why it becomes important to find practical solutions to keep everything in order in this environment.

Shelves, hooks, rails, containers and baskets become very useful allies to reorganize space in the best way; if we want to get creative, we can create wonderful DIY objects to make everything more personal. But there are also numerous ready-to-use solutions on the market. Here are 10 fascinating ideas we have selected for you:

1. Utensil jugs

For storing your kitchen utensils, you can reuse old jugs: thereby, you will avoid throwing out an old object, you will decorate your home with a vintage touch, and you will have everything you need neatly to hand.


2. Corner shelves

To take advantage of the unused space in the corners, you can mount corner shelves to store utensils, spices, condiments or dishes.

3. Multiple shelves

How about a multiple shelf for your small appliances and other things you need to work with in the kitchen? Depending on the space available, you can find something for all tastes: round, square or rectangular, with two or three shelves, in wood, plastic, metal or mixed materials. Search for the one that best suits your needs and your kitchen!

5. Wall-mounted fruit basket

Fruit baskets usually take up a lot of space and you never know where to put them: but if you hang them on the wall, they become a wonderful decorative object and eliminate clutter!

6. Hanging shelves

At shops you can find numerous types of hanging shelves. Simple shelves with hooks to hang up cups or utensils, they are very useful in the kitchen!


7. Space-saving shelves

You can also find shelves with hooks to hang on doors and furniture units. Think about it: on the refrigerator, behind a door, in the empty space near the kitchen cabinet ... how much more space could you get by using one of these shelves?

8. Spice rack

Why not use the inside of your kitchen unit doors as a spice rack? Your jars will always be lined up and within reach. And your cabinet will be free to accommodate other products!


9. Hang the jars by their lids

Fixing the lids of jars to a wall or to the lower surface of wall units with a small screw (or with magnets), will allow you to store your products in this unused space. This solution is perfect for spices, but is also very good for dry foods: legumes, pasta, rice, flour, etc. All you need to do is to remove them from their original packaging and put them in the jar!

10. Window shelves?

If you still lack space, how about the shelves on the windows? You can mount them around the frame or in front of the window (if it slides open). There are also movable shelves that can be attached to the corner of a window. The possibilities are endless!

Which of these techniques have you already used in your kitchens? Hopefully, you now know a few more!