Recycle old, wooden pallets to furnish your entryway

by Mark Bennett

May 27, 2024


A messy entryway can ruin the first impression that others get of one's home. To avoid making this social faux pas, entryways are typically furnished with pieces that help keep the area neat and tidy. And lovers of DIY can easily make this furniture by recycling old, wooden pallets. Check out some of the ideas suggested below:

1. Shoe racks made from pallets


For this project, all you really need is one pallet: in the example shown here, there are a number of narrow shelves where shoes can be placed neatly. So, if you are in the habit of taking off/putting on your shoes in the entryway, a shoe rack like this will be very useful!


Using pallet wood, you can also put up shelves on the entryway walls for your shoes. It's just a question of breaking down the pallet into its constituent parts and securing the recovered planks to the walls!

You can also use recycled pallet wood to construct a piece of furniture that is a "hybrid" of a side table and a shoe rack: with its large shelves, this piece is not necessarily just for storing shoes either!

2. Seat-shoe rack combo


Another "hybrid" you could put together is a seat that doubles as a shoe rack. This allows you to sit down while putting your shoes on in comfort! With the shoes stored in the slots under it, all you need to do is add some comfy cushions to the top seating surface!

You can also easily find tutorials online that show you how to make slightly more refined seat-shoe rack combos: you will need to completely dismantle the pallet, treat the wood properly (sanding and sealing), and take accurate measurements for this project - but the effort will be worth it. And you can also try your hand at some DIY upholstering to make the seat more comfortable and elegant!



A little more rustically styled, a bench like the one shown here, is perfect for an atrium, the veranda or the entryway. And, of course, this piece can be customized to perfectly fit the available space!

3. Shelving

Lynette Scronce/Pinterest

Why leave the entryway walls empty? Just put up some rustically-styled pallet wood shelves to hold and display paintings, vases and ornaments of all types.


Rachel Bartels/Pinterest

And smaller shelving units can be made to, for example, hold the incoming mail neatly!

4. Coat rack


What else is needed in an entryway? Well, a coat rack is definitely a must-have! For all the your coats, scarves and hats, a coat rack is not only very useful, but can look very fetching too.


5. Side table

And what if you don't just want a shoe rack as the only piece of furniture in your entryway? Well, you could consider constructing a narrow side table for this location. Using a pallet, this will be an easy, rewarding project to undertake.

And again, the side table can be customized to suit your tastes and the space available!

Did you find any ideas here that you might consider taking on to "spruce up" your entryway?