16 fantastic ideas for turning old objects into useful shoe racks

by Mark Bennett

October 11, 2023

16 fantastic ideas for turning old objects into useful shoe racks

Keeping the thousand things we have at home in order is a real challenge. There are times when we would like to throw everything away and start again, but we know that this is not a realistic solution. To deal with this problem, you don't necessarily need to get rid of everything, but perhaps there are some things that can go. Throwing these things away will certainly help.

So, how to organize the "survivors"? Well, check out these 16 great ideas to deal with a major "clutter-causer": shoes.


1. A very original shoe rack using a... cot

That's right, the frame of an old cot should not be thrown away. By dismantling it and using the longest sides, you will get a very useful and original shoe rack that will also look good with the rest of the furniture.


2. "What can I do with the two plant holder supports I have in the garage?"

If you have changed things on your terrace and decided to reduce the number of plants you have, you will certainly have some planter holder supports left over: what will you do with them? If your first thought was to take them to the landfill, we advise you not to do so. If mounted on a wall - perhaps stack above each other - they can be transformed into useful, open shoe racks.

Whatever the shape of the plant holder support you had on the terrace, don't worry because it will store your shoes perfectly. Seeing is believing!

4. Towel rails as shoe racks?

Yes, it is possible to do this. If you have changed the racks that held the towels in the bathroom - or even those of the curtains - you could consider recycling them by transforming them into hanging shoe racks for your high-heeled shoes. With a few decorative details, they could become a very unique furnishing accessory.

5. Wooden boxes..

Did you know that when placed on top of each other, these boxes can be transformed into handy shoe racks? If you need to tidy up your shoes, think about getting some (if you don't already have some in the cellar). Leave them as-is, or paint them however you want. Secure them together and put your shoes away neatly. Wow!


6. Broken dishwasher? No problem!

Your dishwasher has broken, it needs to be replaced and the old one must be taken to the landfill. Stop! Before doing so, take out the racks and keep them aside: they could be useful as impromptu shoe racks. What a great idea!

7. Small home and very little space for a shoe rack?

If you don't have much space in your home and none for a standard shoe rack, don't despair. There are many space-saving solutions. For example, you could consider removing two drawers from the furniture you have in your bedroom or corridor, thus transforming the lower part into useful shelves for your footwear. What do you think?


8. You have too many hangers at home: what can you do with them?

Make a shoe rack from hangers? All you need are three poles, a number of hangers (twice the number of hangers to shelves you want to create) and some cable ties to secure everything. By crossing them one over the other and fixing them to the poles at equal distances, they will allow you to create a perfect shoe rack that will solve all your shoe-clutter problems. Who would have thought..?

9. You've tidied up your desk and don't know what to do with the document holders

It's simple: transform them into storage compartments for slippers and sandals. If you've tidied up your desk and have some document holders left over, this is one way you can reuse them. Of course, they won't be useful for larger shoes, but for slippers or sandals, they are ideal.


10. Pallets that become shoe racks

Pallets are the "kings" of recycling. Robust and versatile, pallets are ideal for converting into unique, special furnishing accessories. Lending themselves to recycling, pallets can also be used to create practical shoe racks.

In some cases it is sufficient just to stack them one on top of the other and place them in a corner of the house to create practical shelves for shoes.

Otherwise you could dismantle them and build a DIY shoe cabinet to place at the entrance of the house or in a corridor. What do you think?


If you're not sure about the two previous suggestions, consider painting the pallets and positioning them vertically - and perhaps placing some object on the top to decorate them.

If you have a free, open wall, however, and want to use it for your shoes, this is the idea for you. By cutting up the pallets you can obtain numerous shelves to attach to the wall however you like - perhaps in a geometric pattern. You could also consider painting them with alternating colors: the effect will be stunning.


If, however, what you need is not only a shoe rack, but also side table for the entrance, then you can build a high pallet tower, paint it and place a lid on the top to form a table-top. A mirror mounted above this unique piece of furniture will finish off the look.

And if you prefer wall-mounted shoe racks, opt for something like shown here. The shelves could all be positioned at the same distance from each other, or spaced-out depending on the types of shoes you will need to store. You could also consider dividing the spaces between family members, perhaps using a different color paint for each of you. Do you think this is a good idea?


If you are one of those people who don't like entering the house with dirty shoes and prefer to leave them outside, a pallet fixed to the wall at the entrance is what you need. Place some plants at the top to make it look attractive.

So, now you have seen how many ways we can recycle not only pallets, but also other objects that we thought we would have to throw away - perhaps even saving you some money.

Which of these solutions would you like to have in your home?