15 furnishing ideas to make your bathroom more functional and unique

by Mark Bennett

October 11, 2023

15 furnishing ideas to make your bathroom more functional and unique

Furnishing your home is certainly a pleasure for most of us. And, once the work is completed, the result can be very satisfying. That said, it is not always easy to find the ideal furniture at the right price and in the correct size.

When it comes to furnishing a bathroom, the task becomes even more complicated: you often have to deal with small spaces. However, there are some practical solutions that you can consider - read on to find out more:


1. Modern design

Those who have enough space could consider furnishing their bathroom in a modern style, with elegantly shaped furnishings and warm colours.

Dark wood for the furniture, a large mirror and a recessed cobblestone "pavement" is a stunning look.


2. Wall cabinet for every storage need

However, when you have to deal with smaller spaces, you may have to resort to some alternatives, like the one shown in the photo: this piece of furniture covers an entire wall and the shelves are the ideal size to accommodate everyday objects.

Towels, brushes, body care products: with this piece of furniture you will be spoiled for choice as to where to store your things!

3. A beautiful, practical wooden structure

This ladder-like structure is particularly suitable for those who love a simpler design: similar to a stepladder, this piece of furniture provides the means to properly organize all your bathroom accessories.

Starting at the top, you can store your most frequently used items; moving down, you can store bigger and bulkier items. On the last step, there is enough space to accommodate baskets for storing towels or laundry.

4. Wonderful, space-saving cabinet

When there's no space... you have to create it! The idea behind this photo speaks for itself: why not consider purchasing a cabinet with door that can also act as a working surface? The idea is brilliant!

Putting on make-up is not the only possible option: you could also use it as a support surface for the hairdryer/iron when you are doing your hair, for example - the choice is yours.

5. Simple, delightful decor

With a few basic objects it is possible to furnish your bathroom in a delightful way: just get your hands on a tower cabinet where you can divide up most of your things you use in the bathroom (and use a smaller one to store shoes, if you want).

The whole unit is topped with a shelf where you can opt to place a plant on (or perfume diffusers).


6. Wall-mounted storage containers

This particular piece of furniture is incredibly useful for those who want to have everything at arm's length: you don't even need to bend down or rummage around for what you're searching for!

Mounted on the wall, these useful and spacious baskets will serve you well!

7. Practical sink cabinet

This cabinet is a stroke of genius: when the right cabinet doesn't exist, all you have to do is make one!

Simple custom-crafted wood - nothing else is needed. All that is needed is to cut out a "V"-shaped recess to get this DIY cabinet to fit snuggly: now your under-sink area becomes a space-saving asset.


8. Fabulous shower with recesses for products

Are you thinking of redoing your shower cubicle? Consider the brilliant idea shown in the photo: having spaces available to place body care products in is a real space-saver.

With this "system" you no longer have to have shelves in the cubicle to hold all your beauty products!

9. Space-saving furniture suitable for every bathroom

This piece of furniture is truly exceptional: if you believe you don't have enough space and that your bathroom is too small, it's only because you haven't taken into account the "king" of space-saving furniture (pictured here).

These retractable, recessed shelves don't have doors that "eat up" space. And, as you can see in the photo, you can store a lot of things in them. Don't thank us, it's our job to inform you of genius ideas like this!


10. Low-budget furniture for every need

For those who are more pragmatic, we recommend a piece of furniture that is as spartan as it is effective: the double "tower" system.

This type of furniture takes up very little space as exploits vertical space and, thanks to its numerous selves, you can store all your bathroom things.

11. Fantastic bathroom with a unique design

This bathroom is for those with more "refined" needs and tastes, so to speak: it is in fact, a modern design that certainly makes a statement.

And with the deep blue paint color and gold fixtures and fittings, this is a truly superb-looking bathroom.


12. Vintage-styled furnishings

And speaking of contrasts, why not try this vintage look for your bathroom.

The aqua green color is charming and goes perfectly with this old-fashioned look. This bathroom would be perfect for a rustic home in the mountains, don't you think?

13. A bathroom surrounded by nature

A decidedly unique style is one based on the nature that surrounds us (or that we wish would surround us).

The aim is to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility: the multitude of plants enchant and cheer the soul. This is an incredible bathroom that anyone can have: in the end, we are just dealing with plants and very little else.


14. Practical, tailor-made solution for sinks

Here is another example of a custom-made piece of furniture that can fit perfectly under a sink.

Whether you want to put it in the kitchen or in the bathroom, it doesn't matter: with this solution you will regain a large amount of space to store all your things!

15. When the bathroom is a work of art!

This is not just a bathroom: it's a piece of contemporary art! Okay, so this bathroom is certainly not within everyone's budget, but we thought we would show you it anyway.

Luxury materials, soft and delicate colors give a fairy-tale feel to this bathroom. The various mirrors in different sizes, the wall decorations (which are similar to a fresco) make this bathroom truly unique and charming.

Which piece of furniture is best for you and in what style would you like to furnish your bathroom?