10 amazing ideas for DIY bedside tables that will make your bedroom look unique

by Mark Bennett

May 12, 2024

DIY bedside tables

You can't really get by in the bedroom without a bedside table, so why not choose a truly unique, original one? Well, with some DIY and creative recycling, you can create some incredible bedside tables!

1. A pile of books

A pile of books transformed into a bedside table using plexiglass


Why not make a table out of all your dusty books? In this example a pile of books serve as the stand and plexiglass sheets act as a base and the top (for all your nighttime goodies you need to keep nearby).


2. Wooden stepladder

A wooden stepladder, painted and used as a bedside table


Why not use a wooden stepladder as a bedside table? For this purpose, you could paint it any color you like - even in fluorescent colors, like this one!

3. A stack of suitcases

Various-sized suitcases used as a bedside table, stacked at the side of a bed


Just like the books (described above), vintage suitcases can be stacked on top of each other to form a decorative, unique bedside table.

4. Trolley

Trolley placed at the side of a bed


In terms of functionality, few items can beat using a multi-shelf trolley. And this includes using it as a handy bedside table (as shown here). 

5. Nightstands hanging from the ceiling

A piece of natural wood hanging from the ceiling next to a bed


Looking for a minimalist, space-saving option? Well, here we have an example of a piece of natural wood serving as a nightstand, suspended from the ceiling.


6. Trays hung upside down

two metal trays, hanging upside down from the ceiling between two twin beds


Here's an idea for nightstands that uses trays, hung up upside down and suspended from the ceiling.

7. Recycle an old drawer

Drawer mounted on a wall next to a bed


How about recycling an old drawer, transforming it into a wall-mounted bedside table? You gain a useful support top and a handy drawer to use!


8. An open drawer works well too

Wall-mounted, open drawer next to a bed


And if the bedside table is just a wall-mounted, open drawer, this can still work well!

9. Half of a coffee table

Coffee table cut in half and secured to a wall


A whole coffee table might take up too much space in the bedroom, so why not cut it in half? This way, you will get two half-tables for the bedroom which you can the secure to the wall on both sides of the bed.


10. Custom-made wooden shelves

Shelves with vertical, wooden panels


Here's another space-saving idea: L-shaped shelves, with a vertical back-panel mounted to the wall and where a light fitting can be installed. The horizontal shelf at the bottom of the panel provides the support surface.

Which project would you like to try for your DIY bedside table/nightstand?