8 amazing ideas for making lamps and lampshades with wooden crates

by Mark Bennett

April 26, 2024

8 amazing ideas for making lamps and lampshades with wooden crates

Wooden crates and boxes are very popular when it comes to creative, DIY recycling. And you can even convert these containers into unique light fittings and lampshades! Check out some of the great ideas you can try out below:


1. A ceiling full of colored crates


This ceiling has been decorated with a bunch of wooden crates, each one painted a different color and equipped with a bulb. This is a winning idea from the design firm TRIAD, for a restaurant-bar in Shanghai, China. The crates, usually used to transport fruit and vegetables, have become furnishing accessory that perfectly blends in with the restaurant's primarly function.

At home, two or three crates might be enough above your dining table, or over your kitchen worktops!


2. One cassette, 3 bulbs: a rustic chandelier


Alternatively, if you want to use just one crate, here's an idea that you can consider: a large crate, in good condition and left natural (of course, nothing prevents you from painting it if you want), with three, fitted light bulbs: lots of light and a rustic look that will suit many surroundings.

3. A large wooden chest filled with small light bulbs

Video tutorial via thegreenworkbench/YouTube

This light fitting, however, is made with a large wooden box (aka tea chests). Unlike the previous example,  the sides of this box are solid, wood panels. To make the transformation, holes were drilled into the sides, one for each bulb that can be seen.

4. A Dr. Pepper crate, complete with bottles


Here's something you might be able to get from a second-hand dealer (or by emptying the attic): an old, wooden crate labelled with the name of a soft drink. Here, a Dr. Pepper crate has been used, but this would work for any similar brand (and the bottles should be from the same brand, of course).

5. From wine box to creative lamp


Fine wines and good champagnes usually come in a wooden (wine) box, which is a beautiful object in itself. So, how can you reuse this box? In addition to becoming a general purpose storage container, a wine box could also become turned into a uniqu table or floor lamp.


6. This was once a wooden egg crate...


A truly unique lampshade can be made from an old, wooden egg crate. The cube of slatted wooden planks lets light shine through the gaps and is more "substantial" than classic fruit and vegetable boxes!

7. When recycling materials becomes artistic furnishings

Wall-mounted lights made with wooden crates and light bulbs


Check out these eye-catching light fittings! Sturdy wooden crates have been securely mounted to the wall using tracking. Each crate has then been filled with light bulbs, creating a luminous column that look a lot like the giant spotlights you find at outdoor shows and concerts!


8. A crate converted into a lampshade

A wooden crate transformed into a lampshade


Here's another idea for making a rustic light fitting with a single, wooden crate (as a lampshade): to allow the diffused light to pass, drill multiple holes in the sides. Just ensure you drill out the holes to be identical and equi-distant from each other (as shown here)! Simple, but effective.

Would you like to furnish your house with lights made from wooden crates?