Vertical steam iron for home cleaning chores: 5 ways to use this appliance around the home

by Mark Bennett

May 01, 2024


As you probably know, there are many household chores to take care of daily and weekly to keep your home in shape. And just thinking about these chores is enough to make one put them off. But are there any ways these chores could be done quicker and easier? Well, the tool you might be looking for could be a vertical steam iron (like the Kosiehouse Vertical Steam Iron, for example). Read on to find out more:

1. Clean and deodorize curtains

Curtains should be washed at least a couple of times a year. Active fireplaces, cigarette smoke and other airbourne pollutants can all impregnate curtains and make them smell unpleasant.

One way to avoid having to wash the curtains too often is to use a vertical steam iron on them: the steam will neutralize unpleasant smells, kill mites, bacteria and mold. Passing a vertical steam iron over your curtains from time to time will keep them in good condition and reduce how often you need to take them down to wash them.


2. Remove decals


Decals, stickers, labels and adhesive tape can be removed from various surfaces effortlessly using a vertical steam iron. A few passes over the stuck-on item with the iron should be enough to remove the bulk of it. Any sticky residue can be easily wiped away (as the steam will have softened it).

3. Cushions and upholstery

The above cleaning technique for curtains also works on upholstery, cushions and pillows. When rooms remain closed for a long time, or if residents spend a lot of time in bed/on sofas, or if you have pets, a vertical steam iron can clean and sanitize these items in your home.

4. Clean the grouting


When last did you clean the grouting in your house? Grouting in the bathroom tends to become a breeding ground for mold, and this can be challenging to clean with just an old nail/toothbrush! Use a vertical steam iron first to dissolve/soften the grime on grouting - this will allow you to finish this cleaning chore much more quickly and easily!

5. Sanitize surfaces


Since hot steam sanitizes without spilling boiling water everywhere, you can use this function as the final step when cleaning and sanitizing bathroom fixtures, stone worktops, and other similar surfaces.


Things to remember

  • The temperature the steam must reach to work effectively is 120°C - ensure your iron can produce this;
  • Always use distilled water in your iron to prevent clogging;
  • If you have several accessories that can be fitted to your steam iron, be sure to use them to get the best results;
  • In the case of upholstery and curtains, make sure that the fabric is not too delicate (eg. silk and similar). In any even, do a "hidden area" test first to confirm that the steam will not damage/discolor the fabrics you intend to clean;
  • Avoid using a vertical steam iron on wood or antique/vintage objects.