The 7 storage zones for the garage that will keep it tidy and well-organized

by Mark Bennett

April 20, 2024

The 7 storage zones of neat and tidy garage

The garage is one of those areas we tend to neglect the most and is usually a chaotic mess - but that doesn't have to be this way. In fact, with the right approach, you can tidy up your garage efficiently.

Divide your garage into 7 storage areas to achieve this goal. Let's check out the details below:

Zone 1: transitional space

Internal entrance to a garage

A lot of garages have entraces into the home and, as such, should be equipped for this. Ensure there is a place for muddy shoes and boots, jackets and coats, backpacks, bags and dog-walking gear. Equip this area with a bench you can sit on while taking off your shoes/boots and a wardrobe/wall hangers/hooks for your jackets, etc.


Zone 2: equipment walls

Wall for storing sports equipment

The walls flanking your car are usually empty and unused. Although the space in this space is limited, you can still make use of it by them so that they can hold and store bicycles, sports equipment and gardening tools - and without you tripping over them!

Zone 3: frequently used items

Gardening tools organized on a wall

Some of the objects you keep in the garage are used more frequently than others, such as a bicycle, the lawnmower, garden tools and sports equipment. All of these items should be stored next to your garage door for easy access. Organize this area according to your specific needs: wall hooks could be useful for bicycles and tools, and a cabinet can store your tools out of sight. Finally, balls, bats and other sports equipment can be stored in handy wall-mounted baskets.

Zone 4: the workbench

Workbench with tools and drawers

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you'll have a workbench where you carry out your projects. Equip your work area with drawers to store your smaller tools and put up wall hooks for larger items.

Zone 5: storage of seasonal equipment and decorations

storage boxes organized along a garage wall

Seasonally-used equipment and decorations usually take up a lot of space in a garage and can challenging to store. Dedicate a special storage area in your garage for these items and equip it with cabinets or large baskets.


Zone 6: bulky items and recycling

Wall-mounted shelves and recycling bins in a garage


The garage is the perfect place to store your bulkier items, leaving free space in the home: toilet paper, kitchen towels, detergents, bottles and crates of water can easily be stored in the garage until needed. Create an area in your garage to store these items by putting up wall-mounted shelves or using cupboards. You can then tidily position your recycling bins under these shelves.

Zone 7: ceiling shelving

Ceiling shelves, filled with storage boxes

Finally, and especially if your garage is small, you can consider installing ceiling-mounted shelves to store all those items that you use less frequently (but which you still want to hold onto). Perfect for storing very bulky objects, using the ceiling is a practical solution for saving space without sacrificing mobility.

Now that you know how to organize it properly, you can keep your garage tidy!