Autumn in the garden: 17 creative decorations to enhance the beauty of this magical season

by Mark Bennett

October 15, 2023

Autumn in the garden: 17 creative decorations to enhance the beauty of this magical season

Pumpkins, fallen leaves, but also flowers and plants that bloom autumn: you can use all these resources to create autumnal-themed decorations in the garden. So, flowerbeds, planters and more can be decorated with these unmistakable symbols and colors of the season, creating magical spots in and around your home.

You can decorate almost everywhere - take a look at the creative decorating ideas listed below:

Autumn in the garden: nature is the inspiration

Just starting with a few pumpkins and candles, you can get cracking: it's only a matter of finding the best way to display them and the right spot.


In many places in the world, farms become a fun destination to visit in autumn, especially for the little ones. Why not take inspiration from these to decorate your garden this season?

All outdoor planters can become a symphony of autumnal colors

Pumpkins in planters are a quick and effective idea: add real or fake pumpkins around the base of the plants in the pots, to create a wonderful autumnal look!

And you can also create floral compositions with seasonal plants, such as chrysanthemums but also other plants with colored leaves, including ornamental cabbages!

Even using just dried plants, a splendid composition can be created for the outdoors (if positioned in a sheltered place).


Hanging planters and pumpkins

In spring and summer, hanging baskets are typically kept full of flowers; in autumn they could hold pumpkins!

Or hang up compositions of pine cones and flowers, even artificial ones (so they last indefinitely), for an cute autumn theme.


Autumnal spectacle at the entrance to the house

It would be a shame not to decorate the entrance to your home: in autumn, you can use pumpkins, lanterns or candles to achieve this.

Combining ornamental pumpkins of various types is always a winning solution.


How about trying vertical compositions? Check out this "sculpture" of stacked pumpkins inside a metal trellis!

Small entranceway? No problem: even in a small corner near the front door, you can create a delightful autumn scene.


Autumn compositions for window sills

If you have planters on your window sills, they can become containers for autumn-themed floral compositions. Try using pumpkins, cabbages, hanging plants with purple leaves, ivies and more. The options are endlesss!

Often, all you need to do is replace elements of, for example, Christmas wreaths with pumpkins to make seasonally-themed decorations!


Autumn wheelbarrows in the garden

If you have an old wheelbarrow laying around, use it as a unique planter. A decoration like this can become the focus of your garden.

And you could also consider using decorative wheelbarrows to create seasonally-themed dioramas in the garden.


Other ideas for filling the garden with autumnal decorations

The "rule" of using flowers and plants that give of their best in the season is, of course, a good one. So, pumpkins are a must-have for this time of year!

Even regular plant supports in the garden, such as trellises, arches, wall frames and more, can all be used as a themed scene to decorate your garden with!

Would you like to create autumnal magic in your garden?